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How IW should have set the pointstreaks (Please IW Fix this)

Honestly the stealth bomber has no place in support. In MW2 you had to work way to get the bomber and if you died then you try again and again.


In MW3 you can be the most useless and crappy player in the game but if you put on support you can get a stealth bomber? why? I'm sick and tired of crappy players awarded in COD games. First deathstreaks now this. I have to watch my back constantly to get a osprey gunner, AC130 etc and these noobs can literally run anywhere and no matter how many deaths they get they still get their point streak. EMP does not affect me to be honest, it supports the team so its fine.


A simple solution to fix support would be do remove stealth bomber from the support package and place it in assault. Also what IW should do is basically make it so that when you get 3 deaths after a 8 pointstreak your pointsreak resets.


E.G lets say you use support and put on UAV, SAM turret and EMP, so you have a 4,8,18 setup. Now you get your SAM turret but die 3 times after that. Now what would happen is your point streak would go back to zero and you would have to start all over again. So after the 8 pointsreak is obtained you would have to player like a assault player.


Heres how I would have arranged the pointstreaks, as you can see I have moved some assault streaks in support as I believe they belong there. Also I have put an osprey as 15 as its not worth 17 and this would balance it with juggernaut. Also I put Advanced UAV as 14.





4 Care Package

5 Predator Missile

7 Precision Airstrike

7 Attack Helicopter

9 Strafe Run

9 Little Big Guard

9 Reaper

10 Assault Drone

11 Stealth Bomber

12 AC130

12 Pave Low

15 Juggernaut

15 Osprey Gunner





5 Counter UAV

5 Ballistic Vests

6 Airdrop Trap

6 SAM Turret

8 Recon Drone

10 Remote Turret

12 Sentry Gun

12 I.M.S

14 Advanced UAV

18 EMP

18 Juggernaut Recon

18 Escort Airdrop