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I Remember The Day...

I remember the day when I could come on here, and expect threads with a purpose. What has changed to make this community take a one way trip down the toilet? Most of the constructive members of this community have left, and the only ones who have remained are hidden in the shadows of the immense amount of juvenility spreading through these forums like wildfire. I came on here to check if my account got banned, and I was looking for a half useful thread that I could comment on. Much to my chagrin, I can't find a single useful thread that hadn't already been watered down by the digression that just about every single member is participating in. There used to be digression back in the Black Ops forums, but there was still actual topics being discussed. Now members are just droning about nonsense, and it surprises me how it is in any way entertaining, and how this is still going on. The people here were starting to feel invincible to authority, and now that they're getting banned, they're wondering what they've done wrong. What they've done wrong, they have been doing wrong for awhile, and Foxhound has decided to ban since it has gotten out of control.  I realize and fully acknowledge that I have not adhered to the rules of these forums at all times, but for the most part I ultimately try to stay constructive. I used to be able to actually read threads posted on the forums, and feel like I could give an actual response. Now I can't even for the life of me find one thread that I can read that doesn't contain nonsense. As I have said, the forums are plummeting into the toilet, and I can only hope that some of the callow attitude is put to an end because this is getting ridiculous.


Expected Responses:


 "Porkins, this game is garbage, and there is hardly anything to constructively talk about."

   -Then don't say anything at all.


"Everything has already been discussed."

   -Then repeat it, or don't say anything.


"What about the people posting about DLC?"

  -Flat out tell them that it's never happening. There's no need to say it will come on a non-existent date, or make up a date, that joke is very old. Also don't encourage them with RAM extensions.


"U Mad Bro?"

   -I'm not mad, but I am rather disappointed in the actions of the community. The Wii is a small community, and it used to be friendly. We're already the punch-line to a bad joke, there's no need to further prove their belief that the console is full of five year olds.


"With all the hacking, how can we stay positive?"

   -There's still a way to keep despair constructive.



I believe I have covered the basics for all the useful responses. Shock me with the idiocy that will be posted, or better yet shock me by actually writing a constructive response. 

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    Don't you miss the reflex days? There weren't as much hackers so that's why no one came to the forums to complain.

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    Umm beastblood is the number one source of the most pointless posts.

    And I know what you mean about not being to post a reply other than garbage or trolling.

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    porkins:d wrote:


    Shock me with the idiocy that will be posted, or better yet shock me by actually writing a constructive response.




    Reply A


    Reply B


    [Long answer beware, short answer at the end.]


    Okay now I can be serious without conflicting with myself, I admit I haven been part of the problem, I try making helpful threads in black ops now mw3 is here and I have been thinking of ways to make this forum a bit better but it is hard.


    Nevertheless I would always try to think of ways to make something smart over here but most of the people that stay even do we aren't the best, we are the ones that still manage to keep this community alive, those people that made the bases of this forums and were helpful they give up, they got tired of seeing how the wii community got treated and it is understandable they moved on, people that are still here are because they still think of the community even just a bit in a good way and that they still wait for a well thought out thread to reply and that's why we are still here (maybe just for the lulz some of you guys, please don't tell me I like to think that we have other sites for that.)



    So what should we do?


    Here is a small list of what we should do at least in my opinion to make a better forum


    1. New guy makes spam thread for the first time? Tell him the answer to whatever his question is, no jokes, no troll answer, no lr2nsrch nub, an honest answer and link him to the forum of conduct so he doesn't make more mistakes in the future


    2. He makes two threads of dlc/black ops 2 for wii and you already reply to him in the first one nicely? just report, there's moderators in this forums that would check if the report is valid and delete the thread


    3. Troll thread? report, dont feed the trolls.


    4. Someone makes an argument thread about how could stuff work in the wii? Just tell him nicely that even if it would work (depends if it actually makes sense) they are not going to implement that idea for reason a, b and c and tell him nicely that try to check the threads in the first few pages before making another one that people probably have answer his questions already


    5. Helpful thread? If you think he had something wrong, discuss with him but start always with something nice like "Great input but you could use this walkway instead for better cover and it is faster then your alternative" always try to be nicer then what would you like to be treated, constructive criticism is a key for a good forum.


    6. Instead of waiting for people to make threads, you make a thread about something  that you consider significant for people to discuss, heck people might one to discuss it too!


    So to short this in few words: Penguin rocks! and this is just a site for a game so we should act like it and relax, let the mods be the ones worrying about all the bacon


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    U MAD BRO!? naw i kid.. I do miss the MWR forums though. The BO boards were the best boards (set up wise) but there was far more trolling there then the MWR boards. Also you could use signatures on the MWR boards.. why can't we use them here? "ohh but then everyone would have a penis as their signature" ugh..

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    I think it boils down to the fact that there is nothing left to talk about.  Every thing there is to discuss in this game has been discussed.  There will be no patches and it is the most hacked COD game in the franchise. That's this games legacy.  That topic has been hashed out.  There really is nothing left to talk about with this game. 


    As far as the useless topics go.  Some people just don't have anything better to do than post nonsense on this forum.  The only useful thing there is left to do is try to set up private matches to avoid the akimbo and hacking bullcrap.  If you're not up for that then leave and wait for Wii U and Black Ops 2.  And I don't mean that to be rude.  It's what I'll be doing soon I'm sure.

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    I don't know, I usually end up discussing about the weapons and their details in FPS games, but for my part everything has been said so far.


    Not sure if it is just part of CoD community, but before I even started to play these games I already knew that large amount of the players are complete idiots who think it makes them cool in the eyes of other people to play CoD, lately this has started to change, slowly, but it is happening.


    But really when you think of it, every community has those cool guys and complete idiots, but some of them just show it better than others.

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    I think what it comes down to is that a lot of the new forum guys that joined when MW3 came out are idiots. Not gonna name any names....

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    It's all your fault porks. We should have done the Ultimate Challenge before all this hopping thing started...



    You destroyed our hopes.

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    Pretty sure I got banned for trolling. What amazes is that I lasted this long.


    To be fair Mr. Anthony James(or whatever your fake name was...), 99% of the threads in these forums are children asking for DLC, missing content, and patches. Back in BO...i wasn't a troll. Well, not a good troll at least. I tried to avoid trolling people, I looked for actual discussions, and I was happy like a fat kid in a candy store. But when the MW3 forums started... people couldn't get it through their thick skulls that we are never going to get proper support, DLC, missing content, etc. Most of the threads now are pretty useless and stupid, all of them being similar "Where's our DLC?" "Missing content!" "i is mad" "some hacker has hacked me and i feel the need to make a thread about it because it makes me feel important"


    If there were actually any good threads in these forums, the kind that makes you think and actually have a proper discussion about it, this forum would be good. Right now, all I see are endless waves of pointless threads. I feel the need to bash on all of them(well most of them) because one doesn't learn with kindness....if I told you "here, have a cookie, please do not make any more DLC threads?", you wouldn't stop making DLC threads. You will keep on making DLC threads so I would give you more cookies. But if I spanked you, would you do it again? Well......you might.....if you're into that sort of thing...


    Ermm...i lost my train of thought. I have to go back to narnia to get it back.


    I'll try to be nice from now on...this is gonna be interesting....

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    I also see that the forums haven't been very active this past month


    But I guess everyone knows that MW3 is a dead game so no one really bothers to contribute on the forums anymore with good posts.


    Me I've been busy with work and I play Blops occasionally (Haven't played MW3 in a month, thinking of trading it in and giving the money for my older brother to get the last story for wii )


    *Yeah, I'm that nice to my siblings. You guys should be too. I bought the game myself too

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    porkins:d wrote:

    "Porkins, this game is garbage, and there is hardly anything to constructively talk about."

    haha jk but you did write something about if there's nothing left to talk about repeat it, that just lands more "lrn2srchnub" and posting on an old thread brings up "wow necropost much?" but either way even if someone posts something useful it gets hidden by garbage posts about random garbage

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    Bump because the forum is still boring. The quality of topics here need a buff.