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    I see it being very open to abuce, like oma in mw2.

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    askYOmom wrote:


    How do you abuse a vote kick that requires a majority vote?





    Go back in time, play left 4 dead when it first came out, and then come back and try to tell me that a voting system would be a good idea.



    askYOmom wrote:


    You're honestly saying vote kicking would create bigger problems then those, which it would help eliminate?

    Yeah I have an opinion. Get over it, or, if you want, you can go cry about  it.




    askYOmom wrote:


    Do you have any critical thinking ability at all, or do you just think about **** for 5 seconds before forming an expert opinion and running to tell the internet about it?

    How about you grow up instead of poorly attempting to insult someone's intelligence.

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    and he is talking about other peoples intelligence, yet he keeps talking about Multiplayer in a Zombies forum

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    Bad idea man, people would just kick other people just for fun. It would ruin the game.

  • 14. Re: Group vote on kicking!!!

    there will more than likely be 8 player coop aswell

  • 15. Re: Group vote on kicking!!!

    ya hahaha

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    People would abuse this so no.

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    no because a troll clan could abuse this power

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    Alright, alright alright.  You guys aren't thinking too well.  You have to remember, the pro's outweigh the con's.  Now I'm gonna have to go in and do every freaking scenario that could happen.  Alright, since u guys think it's gonna be abused:

    Scenario 1:  alright, you hop into a game with a bunch of trolls.... Key word... BUNCH OF TROLLS!!!  Why would u not want to be kicked from a zombie game with a bunch of trolls hosting it.  I know I would.  And one guy trolling couldn't do it by himself.  It's a GROUP VOTE. 

    Scenario 2: annoying kid gets into the lobby.  PROBLEM SOLVED *kick the annoying kid/troll*

    Scenario 3: you get far into the game and the team randomly kicks you.  You still get the XP from the. Match you get out from and you just join another game.  The reason you were kicked because you were DOING SOMETHING WRONG!  There is no other reason why you would be kicked, unless they were a group of trolls, and if they are, look back up to scenario 1.

    Scenario 4:person is not participating in the match.  *kick the dude not doing anything*

    Scenario 5: everyone in the lobby is annoying to talk to and you are getting into hostile fights with them.  Guys, there's a mute button for a reason.

    Scenario 6: everyone is a split screener (I doubt that would happen) just leave the lobby.  It's not too difficult.


    My point is, this system has worked in EVERY game it has been used in.  Instead of 4 players, there is going to be 8 now.  There needs to be some sort of system to get rid of the people who shouldn't be in the lobby without you and your team leaving.  Since there is 8 players, there should be no problem with the system. 


    Quick example: DCUO, there is 4 players in the lobby.  The kick feature is allowed.  The game works fine! 


    You guys are soooooooo worried about hackers gaining this capability.  Well in all honesty, I'm more concerned about being de-ranked than kicked from a match.  I mean really!!!  All they can do is kick.  And probably about 93 to 94% of the people online actually want to play.  A few others suck.


    Please think hard before you post again, because we are the ones who actually change and Develop the game.

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    I agree. Trolls would not be a big problem. The only way you could be kicked from a 4 player lobby would be if EVERYONE ELSE voted to kick you. And if everyone else in the lobby voted to kick you, I can't imagine that you would've enjoyed playing with those people anyway. And I can't think of a single time when I was playing a match and everyone else turned out to be a troll, 1 player is common and 2 on occasion, but all 3? In an 8 player lobby being kicked would require even more trolls to happen to turn up in the same lobby. I can't see this becoming a big problem. In fact I wouldn't be too surprised if never even happened to me at all.

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