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    You guys have to remember this is coming from a kid who complained that a guy was boosting because he would not stand still so he could get a 360 knife kill while jumping out of building. This kid is truly an idiot and has not a lick of common sense, there's no need to explain things to him. No matter how many times we explain it or how many different ways we try he's not going to get it. He's just one of 10 million plus people that need to sell there xbox and slap their mom for buying it for them in the first place.

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    why didn't you just run back to where he was camping and get an easy kill?? Then you could have a 4 killstreak.

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    So i take it you havent placed the Call of Duty modern warfare series campaign because if you have you would understand sniper rifles do belong in call of duty.

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    This has too be one of the worst threads i have seen

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    OP, there are so many things wrong with your post, it's hard to know where to start.


    First, a little math to see how bullet drop would have affected that shot:


    Here are the muzzle velocities (roughly) of some of the sniper rifles that I could find

    Barrett .50 - 853 m/s

    Dragunov - 830 m/s

    RSASS - 853 m/s

    L118A - 850 m/s


    Let's assume worst-case atmospheric conditions and round these to 800 meters per second (also makes the math easier to estimate).  The longest line of sight in the maps is less than 100 meters (approximately 328 feet), which means that, at 800 m/s, the bullet will travel 100 meters in 0.125 seconds.


    The formula to figure the rate of drop (disregarding air resistance), is the time (in seconds) to the target, multiplied by the gravitational acceleration of 9.80 m/s^2.  This means, on any given MW3 map, the maximum drop of a bullet is 9.80*(0.125*0.125) = 0.153125 meters (roughly 6 inches).


    At half that distance (a more common sniper engagement distance in MW3 maps) of 50 meters (164 feet) reduces bullet drop to only 1.5 inches.


    Assuming the sniper hit you in the chest/neck/head/upper stomach, congrats: Even at maximum range, you still would have died with bullet drop.  More likely, you were killed at less than 50 meters, meaning there would have been little noticeable drop in the bullet.  Face it, you were killed no matter what rules you want to play by.


    And, if the person that killed you "was aiming right at you," they would have killed you with an AR or SMG just as quickly, so I don't know where the animosity towards sniper rifles is coming from.


    Note: My numbers were generously rounded for simplicity, and all rounding increased bullet drop amount, so if anything, my numbers are over what you would actually expect.




    If your post is serious, you need to grow up.

    If you're a troll, then gtfo =P

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    I think what you are saying is, youre tired of quickscoping right?  If that is what you saying then you have my vote.  Ill give an example of some BS, when I am going around the corner with a MP7 and I am ready and it is drawn already and a sniper is at a full sprint to the corner I am approaching/rounding about and I pull the trigger and bam I am another quickscope victim.   That is some BS, I dont support eliminating snipers away from the game but to patch that quickscoping bullshit.  I know this is a game but as a service member it is not that freaking easy in real life to faceoff with a smg 10 feet away.  it will be mostly hipfire with a sniper rifle, if you even try to use the scope the magnification makes it challenging. So lets say eliminate quickscoping because snipers are esssential as well

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    Got killed by a QS ehh and are mad about it eh?


    They will not be removing snipers ever, nor even if the was a snipers only list would all snipers go play there. They would still play in the other lists too; because even with such a list they would not be removed from all the other lists.


    So either you died by a QSr and are mad or you mad that this is not Halo 3 with a snipers only playlist and want one like it in here.

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    Did anyone NOT Read this?   But because the game allows snipers and snipers with no realism at that, my 3 kill streak was ruined.  Luckily I was running support though



    I laughed something fierce, he acts like he lost out ona  MOAB or Osprey gunner or something that was actually of immediate use to his team

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    I agree, quickscoping needs to nerfed. If your so good then maybe not being able to use quickdraw on you sniper class wont hinder you at all.

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    tch Hydra

    A scope can be a very powerful teammate. But the big vast majority of the players have no clue on how to use it properlyl.


    Also, adding "realism" in call of duty just wont work. The maps are tiny and everything is rather "fast paced". If you need to calculate gravity/wind/whatever in, scopes become completely useless.

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