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I'm tired of players  who always cry about spawn trapping. Does the spawn system for domination need to be fixed?


Many players complained about it. They cry when they get spawn trapped and they blame the game and us who spawn trap. However, the real problem is the matchmaking system and people who play domination and have no intention to capture a flag whatsoever. Why the matchmaking system? Because players like me who have been playing this game since it was born will **** anyone who doesn't know how to play the game right. In most cases we spawn trap because we get tired of campers or or boosters. The more camper are in the other team the easier we spwan trap them. We played a lot of good clans like ugk, WwW, LTFU, SHOCK, etc. It's imposible to spawn trap those guys because they have skills, and more important a determination to win the game. Hence, what Infinity ward should do is to fix the matchmaking system and let only good players to join our game. Or even better, they should add daily clan ops for every game mode, and create a new playlist just for only clans. Cause veteran players like us love challenges.


One more thing to add, I don't find anything wrong with the spwan system. In fact, the game actually let you spawn somewhere safe out of the trap when you and you team are dying a lot, so it will give you a chance to capture your flag and have more spwan points. This is the rigth moment you should capture your flag rather than waiting in one corner hoping to get some kills. Because if you get killed you'll be back in the trap again. So please stop complaining about spawn trapping if you don't want to capture a flag. Go play teamdeathmatch intead.


I post this in response of many of you guys complaining about the video I did. You guys are totally wrong if you think me and my team don't have skills.