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Killconfirmed + Tactical Insert = Taboo? Myth Debunked - How to use it Properly and Effectively + Quick Jump C4 Tactic FTW


What's up everybody, figured I'd touch on a "taboo" subject that IMO has been blown out of proportions since launch, figured I'd start a "friendly" discussion. The subject I'm referring to is regarding the use of the tactical insert within the Kill Confirmed game mode. Now you can sort through the many threads on here if you'd like, but the general consensus/problem that people have with it is concerning the guys who quote unquote Sit on the Tact Insert over and over again to boost/grab their tag netting them +250 each time they die/retrieve tag. Now this is something that I've personally known was going to be an issue even before the game launched, as did many others. Infinity Ward was well aware of the issue but did not make any changes. The question is why? Keep in mind I'm asking that question subjectively, reason being is I can see where both sides are coming from.


Now my scenario's regarding it's use goes like this:

1. Player Sits on Tact Insert never moving - The case can certainly be made with good reason that this person is using a form of boosting.

2. Sniper/AR plants Tact on a high overwatch spot or room never leaving and dying every now and then/grabs tag rinse repeat - Now this is where I feel you're entering a fine gray area because at this point you have to factor in the skill level of the player. For instance lets just say he's a little green/rookie, and dies a lot, but is making an effort to somewhat fight back. In my eyes this is very tricky and honestly case by case at this point. This is the situation I'd really like to hear people's thoughts on.


3. My personal method - Which I 100% back as a way to utilize the tactical insert Properly and Effectively. Which revolves around a few key purposes:


A. I like to control where my spawn is, specifically I like to stay right in the middle of the action as much as possible (Central of Map) This allows me to score quickly and effectively while retrieving tags and rushing around.


B. It gives me a steady spawn to work with (We all know how great the spawns are in this game lol) + I don't like to waste time having to run to get back to the action due to (No Unlimited Sprint).


C. In the event I get killed, I know exactly where I died and where I'm going to spawn allowing me to react instantly and aggressively. In the long run this allows me to make it difficult for the enemy team/keeping them from confirming the tag on multiple occasions, by getting there in time and killing them, and essentially having a negative flip into a +2 exchange our way.


Here's a quick demonstration of #3 in action, this is ultimately imo just one of the smart ways to play this particular game mode tag wise.





Have a good one guys, peace!