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How killstreaks and perks should be. Even consider this to the next Call of Duty game

UAV=3 kills

Counter-UAV=3 kills

Air Strike=5 kills(Powerful like in CoD4)

Attack Heli=7 kills(Powerful like in CoD4)

Care Package=7 kills

Booby trapped Care=7 kills

What you can get from Care Package:UAV, CUAV, Air Strike, Heli, Dogs, Predator, Chopper Gunner and Stealth Bomber

not gonna explain Specialist

CoD2 didnt have killstreaks


Perks Tier 1:

Sleight of Hand: Reloads faster. Pro: Faster ADS. Elite: throw equipment faster

Agility:Faster movement and longer sprint. Pro: Unlimited sprint. Elite: faster climb

Teammate: Drop extra ammo for teammates. Pro: Extra lethal- and tac nades. Elite: Resuply from dead enemys

Dead Eye: Invisible to enemy killstreaks. Pro: faster lock on and more gun damage to enemy ks. Elite: invisible to thermal

Bomb Squad: See enemy equipment through walls. Pro: Faster bomb defuse and plant. Elite: hack enemy equipment sp they work for you

Tier 2:

Juggernaut:2x faster health regrenation. Pro:2x greater on flashes and stuns. Elite:10% more damage

Double tap:doubles fire rate. Pro:... Elite:...

Deep Impact: More damages through walls. Pro: Reduces recoil. Elite:Weapon is ready waster after sprint

Phantom:Hides from enemy UAV. Pro:no red name or crosshares when targetted. Elite:See radar (dont see UAV) while enemy CUAV is up

Spy: appear as friendly to enemy but when you shoot you appear as enemy. Pro:Detect enemy spys. Elite: ks appears as friendly to enemys

Tier 3:

Steady Aim:More accurate hip fire. Pro:Fire while sprinting or climing (NOT accurate) Elite:Fires while dolphin diving

Sniper:Hold Breath longer. Pro: faster weapon swamp. Elite: No sniper hitmarkers

Technician: Air ks counts towards another ks. Pro: Ground ks counts... Elite: Double ks damage

Dead Silence. Silences footsteps. Pro: Hear enemy footsteps louder. Elite:Jump higher and no fall damage

Dead Messenger: when you lie down you put gun away and play dead. Pro: faster melee. Elite: avoid melee by pressing X or sqare

  To get Elite you must use it with another spesific perk