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[RECRUITING] Twisted NationZ [PS3]

Hey Guys,


I am looking for players who would like to join my clan. I just started it, so it is lvl 1.

If everyone wants to help me lvl my clan, please reply.


I am looking for:

1. Age doesn't matter, if u play nicely and not yelling through mic...

2. Mic should be nice

3. Premium members would be nice.

4. Teamplayers

5. People who are active in the Clan Ops



Amsterdam CEST +1


What can i offer for the people who join:

1. A team which is nicely to eachother.. and its alot of fun to play together.

2. A clan which is also integrated in a Community.

3. TeamSpeak 3 ( Coming soon, when we have more members )

4. Youtube Channel, only Theater clips for now... HDPVR recordings coming soon!


If u are intrested in joining my clan, Please add me on


PSN: Laliscow


Or reply below!


Thanks for your time!