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Searching for a Mw2/Mw3 Clan for Ps3

I recently switched from 360 back to Ps3 and im looking for a new clan.


PSN: WarGoD_KiLo   360: War God Kilo

Age: 16 ( 17yrs old in August)

K/D: 1.04 in Mw2   1.35 in Mw3 (360)

Level: .13 in Mw2    .70 1st Prestige (360)

Mic: Yes

About Me: im funny hardworking and a team player. I like to capture the objectives and im more focused on getting the win then my k/d. Im looking for a clan so i can stop playing with randoms,build bonds with the clan memebers, and improve my skills.


Right now i only have Mw2 for Ps3 but Im getting Mw3 for Ps3 this weekend.