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Removal of aim assist would be beneficial for everyone


Ghost-lock effect: Aiming at someone and AA auto targeting behind the target


7-10 Split: Seeing two guys and AA fixating between both getting you a death and no kills


Wall traveler: AA pulling your gun when someone's behind a wall

Do-Si-dos: Shooting someone and getting pulled off when another enemy runs by

Cookie Cutter: Shooting a stationary target and AA dragging your gun around the enemy but never on

SMG sniper: SMG weapons given long distance assistance from AA turning them into rapid firing snipers



Aim assist should only effect players new to the game, so all levels up until the final level of 0 prestige. This way if you decide that you do need some assistance it's available for you, if you decide that you do not like the help of aim assist it can be turned off, an option MW3 needs