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Mystery Box Ideas

Feel free to post your ideas regarding the mystery box here.


Here are mine:


1. The normal mystery box should not just contain futuristic weapons like how the black ops mystery box only had black ops weapons. I want WWII weapons, Cold War weapons, future weapons, and of course, wonder weapons in the box.


2. There could be many types of mystery boxes. There could be an electronically powered one, which requires you to turn on the power to use it at all, costs 2000, but can also give you alongside normal weapons, Perk-a-cola, Pack-a-punch pass (use it and pack-a-punch free for one time), barrier pass (like pack-a-punch pass), power-ups that would otherwise be found on the ground, and more.


3. With the teleporter being capable of time travel, every time someone teleports, the mystery box changes what its contents are between WWII, Cold War, Modern War, Future War, and maybe, you could even come across a box that only contains Wonder Weapons. This maybe could also change what weapons are on the wall.


4. Don't make the box the focal point of the game. People should be able to buy weapons off of the wall, and be happy with it. The world at war maps did a good job with this, but the black ops maps didn't. Lots of times when I play black ops, all that seems to matter is the box, especially on Call of the Dead. The way the game plays out should not be dependent on the box. It should be dependent on the power switch.


5. Bidding on the box. The more you pay, the higher likelyhood you will get a better weapon.


6. Maybe the box could move around every three rounds.


Some of these things don't necesarily go hand in hand, but let me know what you think. Post your own ideas as well.