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MW3 and Black Ops Wii Questions...


1.) I've heard that more people are playing Blops than MW3. Is this true? (I believe close to 8,000 people are playing MW3 during the day.)


2.) Is Blops the superior game Vs MW3 on the wii console? (I've played WaW, MWR, & MW3, but I never played Black Ops [atleast the Wii Version.])


3.) What are the annoyances on black ops compared to FMG spam and hacking on MW3? (I figure everyone uses Famas and Ghost, that's atleast how PS3 and Xbox was...)


4.) Is Black Ops worth buying even to this date. (I'm aware that Blops ll is coming soon, but if Black ops 1 is better than MW3, then I feel like I'm wasting my time with hackers and FMG nubz XD.)


Thanks for the help guys!



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