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    I personally think the title of this thread should change to "MW3 made HC suck".


    I have said before that HC saved me from quitting CoD altogether. The nonsense that gets perpetrated in Core gamemodes became too much for me, and it just wasn't fun anymore. When I discovered Hardcore, I never looked back. Met a good group of guys who I still play with to this day and have just always enjoyed it. I found it to be more strategic, and required more team effort to to get the win. I liked that you had to coordinate air strikes to avoid teammates, watch where you threw grenades, and watch where you laid down fire to avoid taking out your own guys, as well as watch that you didn't walk into friendly crossfire. While yes, it could be a little bit campy, that was part of what I enjoyed. I have always played as kind of a "line-breaker", meaning I enjoyed breaking through the enemy lines and flushing out the campers... finding ways to disrupt the enemy team's strategy, basically. Its not for everyone, I know, but it was enjoyable for me.


    Of course there were elements that bugged me. It wasn't a huge issue in W@W or even CoD4, but Tking really became an issue in MW2, which quickly became populated with idiots who exploited everything they could find (See OMA noob tubes, Danger Close, Commando, Scavenger Claymores... you know the history, the list goes on), and of course discovered they could team kill at will with no penalty. I still got into more good than bad games, but the games with TKers were rough at the very least.


    To me, Black Ops got it right. I loved playing Hardcore on BlOps. You were given 3 TKs a game, which in my opinion, was just about right. Anyone intentionally TKing you only had to put up with for 3 kills before they were gone. For everyone else, it gave a window for mistakes. Lets face it, who hasn't thrown a bad grenade or taken an errant shot? Who hasn't dropped an airstrike that didn't go exactly where you thought it would, landing on a teammate's location? It allowed for some error without punishing honest players, but at the same time you knew you had to be more careful or risk getting kicked. The only exception was, of course, If the host player happened to be the TKer they couldn't get kicked, which some people exploited. If that was fixed, the Black Ops model to me was pretty perfect.


    The idea of Hardcore is meant to be just that, Hard Core. On a battlefield, you can't just run around unaware. Friendly fire is a very real threat, you don't believe it ask heroes like Pat Tillman.


    My biggest issue with Ricochet is that there is no consequence for the person who runs in front of friendly fire. They get complete immunity, while the innocent teammate gets killed. A player can run around knifing friendly equipment with no consequence. Its also taken away some of the teamwork factor as people don't feel they need to communicate anymore, as it doesn't matter if THEY get hit.... THEY won't die.. only a teammate will. It promotes selfishness. I've seen teammates run full speed into areas where I just announced an airstrike, getting me killed so they can, what? Pick up a kill?


    Ricochet killed HC. There are better ways. Friendly Fire has to be on, or else its not Hardcore. They've already made HC too much like Core, in my opinion, with all the hitmarkers and such. They may as well just throw up a HUD and mini-map at this point.


    I am looking forward to seeing if Treyarch can bring back real Hardcore to the series. I know the Core players think we are an insignificant group, but HC players make up a good chunk of the community and we deserve a better product than what this game has offered us thus far.

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    GhostmanLoon wrote:


    ... if they ran across your fire, they died.

    No they didn't. Not once in the year that I played only hardcore did I ever see any of my teammates die from my bullets in MW2.

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    Simple it's FULL of Campers and Noob Tubers!

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    The only thing I would add to that is the poor support from IW for Hardcore playlists. You've got everything else spot on.

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    It's one thing to move about in a small area to maintain control of the area while working together with teammates, but sitting or laying down in a corner or some other spot where it's hard to see you, let alone shoot you, with the intention of waiting for an enemy to walk into your line of fire is pathetic. So:


    Camping = sitting or laying down in a corner or some other spot where it's hard to see you, let alone shoot you, with the intention of waiting for an enemy to walk into your line of fire.


    Strategically holding a ralley (choke) point = moving about in a small area to maintain control of the area while working together with teammates.

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    True, but IW offering poor support for HC goes without saying, no? lol

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    I'd be ok with getting banned for getting kicked from 5 games in a 24 hour period. And while I do understand that there is a necessity to get a players attention and make statements, banning for a week or more is simply rediculous. It's too much. I could see the bans going like this:


    Kicked from 10 games in a 24 hour period for team killing:

    1st offense - 1 hour ban from HC playlists

    2nd offense - 2 hour ban...

    3rd offense - 4 hour ban...

    4th offense - 6 hour ban...

    5th offense - 12 hour ban...

    Each offense there after - 24 hour ban from HC playlists.


    Keep in mind, there should be a timer so that people can see when they'll be able to play HC again.


    Anything more severe than this would be counter productive to sales. No one who plays hardcore would want to get the game knowing that there's potential to be punished severely and kept from ever enjoying the game just because of some douchbags who deliberately walk in your line of fire. Of course, I'd want to see this in print before I ever purchased the game.

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    I will say it again for the core trollers in this thread.....


    If you don't play Hardcore and are still over a million or two on the  HC leaderboard when you do play HC you are not playing against real HC players. Most likely you are playing against the TKers, Team Equipment destroyers, OR MORE OF YOUR CORE BRETHREN there for clan ops...


    So making judgements about an entire group based on your limited experience is a bigoted statement.


    Am I saying there is no camping in HC... No. Neither can you state that there is no camping in core.


    Am I saying that tubes are not used in HC.... No, they produce the correct damage in HC and not nerfed like it is for the core.


    Both types of players should be able to play THAT mode of their choosing the way THEY want to play it without the opposing group adding its two cents in hindering the process for the group that wants a change. If you don't really play a mode, don't respond to the post... If you aren't below one million on the leaderboard for a game mode you can't say you play that mode with the true players of that mode.

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    to which I agree 100%. 


    I liked the way BO did it.  Was the best of a compromise.  I was

    just offering a little idea of how to imrove it. 


    But like you HC is what kept me in BO, Ive been doing HC since


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    I'm ranked in the top 500 in Hardcore TDM and I endorse this post.

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