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    The only downside to dedicated servers would be the constant need for maintence and configuration, cost, and risk of crashing. If it means a more enjoyable experience then I'm willing to support dedis

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    Maintenance, configuration, cost, crashing. 

    Well compared to iwnet, let's see here I have experienced the inability to play because of cod cloud maintenance issues.  We will call this a push.


    Configuration, I don't know what that means.  Another push.

    Cost, yes the servers do have  a cost associated with them.  However, you do get something for your money.  You get a bit of control, which would be a breath of fresh air in mw3.  Give this one to dedicated servers.


    Risk of crashing.  Yes but its not like you can't find another server to play in when yours crashes.  Unlike when the cod cloud is down and there is no playing at all.  Again dedicated servers.


    Well, for me comparing the two system I think I would opt for, drum roll please.  Dedicated Servers.  Thank you, thank you.

         Takes a bow...

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    Gaming clans need dedicated servers to thrive and grow: since MW3 came out I have seen lots of clans go to the wall because of growing inactivity and the inability to recruit.  This year, we have recruited ONE new member, whereas last year we tripled in size to over 40 members.  With dedicated servers, we grow a solid player base of regulars with like-minded attitudes and standards.  We have control to kick and ban the hackers: mornings in UK are almost unplayable on MW3 with all the E European hackers.


    If Treyarch and Activision have ANY interest in keeping the Call of Duty series alive on the PC platform they MUST give us ranked deidicated servers at the very least.  Don't make more clans return to CoD4: the only growing gaming community at the moment.  The leagues are suffering and shrinking back to the CoD4 core. 


    We need a definitive statement now to give us the confidence in Call of Duty on PC.

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    ZoM_Head wrote:


    I am really satisfied with what we have in black ops.


    My server is still up and running, nice system.


    Just wish the rcon was more effective and tweakable like black tomato mod.


    Please treyarc, no ping compensation on pc!


    Yeah no lag compenstaion! It just stupid that some one with bad ping comes to server and everybody gets lag.... I don't know what 3ARC thought when adding that feature.

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    BO2 needs RANKED dedicated server I dont understand why They have been skimming on the PC user. We want Custom Mods, SDK for Mod making This is what Brings the gaming community together and Will Bring in More Money for The Game. Dont Give us a XBOX Port. PC users are way above the Console when it comes to multiplayer thats why we Game on the PC. If you buy the game you should have rights to host servers plain in simple not trying to control the game server market with only leting Gameservers.com or some other site Host the servers it need to be a FreeMarket again and let us host our own servers. The servers need a Max of 64 PLayers. Its ok if your maps are not that big to surpport that amount of players.. thats ok cuz the gaming community can make custom game maps that are big enuff for 64 players. There is alot more that Can make the gaming community better for the PC users just get back to the Basic's of what we Want and stop trying to make a Game every year for a quick Buck.

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    poison_pawn wrote:


    To Treyach:

    I don't know how much liberty as developers you have, and I don't care: Treyarch. or Ativision it make no difference to me who makes these decisions,

    But if you lie to us one time, you might as well just not make a PC version.


    We will not be fooled again, we know you're not to stupid to make plain and concise statements.

    Plain and simple, if you don't give us plain simple documentation (before release) we will not buy your product, or any Ativsion product, again, EVER.


    and we're not talking about incoherent tweets; we're talking actual documentation; the kind that would be expected from any reputable company.


    These are the Quetions, we NEED answered, before we even THINK about buying your product.


    Will there be dedicated servers? yes, or no.


    If yes: will they be ranked? yes, or no.


    Will they be tied to an exclusive GSP? yes, or no.


    will there be FTP access? yes or no.


    Will there be QUAKE style server files as there has been in every Call of duty game up til MW3? yes or no.


    Will the server file be accessible? yes or no.


    Will dvars be locked? yes or no.


    If so which dvars will be locked?


    Will the servers generate logs? yes or no.


    If yes What events will be logged?



    Poison_pawn PCO



    We're still waiting for the answers to these questions...


    Simply saying "ranked dedicated servers confirmed for Black Ops 2" in a f***ing piece of sh** twitter thread isn't going to cut it.




    None of this twitter crap that tells us squat.

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    I too agree! Ranked Dedicated servers are surely missed. When you ahve obvious cheaters you are stuck playing with them as there is no one adminng. So, you either just get your tail kicked killing you K/D ratio or find  something else to play. For me it is finding something else to play... You dont stop the cheaters so let us... please! Thanks for listening  Drifter

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    How are we ( in south africa ) suppose to have clannies against each other without dedicated servers!! The best internet line in south africa is 1mb upload. DEDICATED SERVERS and RANKED ONES. Cannot even find a game in south africa thats not TDM !!!

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