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Another flaw/glitch/exploit. Ban suggested please.

Yet again, another gameplay ruin. Domination (MAIN 6 VS 6 NOT GROUND WAR) is disrupted from an exploit/glitch/ or some kind of mod. There is a clan by the name of GFY leader [Removed by Moderator]. I looked at theatre mode at least three times. First, their kill cam on their side of the end (especially with ANY sub machine guns) aren't normal. They use very few clips compared what I'm used to normally shooting 9-12 clips (NOT TO THE HEAD) and maybe 3-5 clips (TO THE HEAD) to get quick kills. However, the way people have been getting these quick kills lets say red dot is normally centered aimed at the body/head. You would think, "oh hey, it's going to kill him!". Wrong... The red dot is swayed shoulder part at least 1 feet back and forth left/right until that annoying miracles moment that person get's that "instant" kill. This is a flaw and needs to be adjusted.


It's not "Lag congestion" or some other nonsense I'm constantly hearing about. It's a broken flaw that has ruined aiming since MW3 came out.


Next, spawn glitch. This needs to be either adjusted or ban players permantly. Harsh or not I'm about ready to use this game as a good dog poop removal on the go for my husky. I really mean this. The anger and frustration isn't enough to define how broken this game truly is. Anyways, to the point. The players constantly spawn near the flag on every other flag (not CAPTURED), thus tripple capping. They spawn literally on every flag.


Let me make this very clear: NO TACTICAL INSERTION, NO PLAYER IS ON MY TEAM ARE ON THE LAST FLAG BELONGING TO ENEMY THAT ENABLES SPAWN SWITCH, AND MOST IMPORTANTLY THEY SPAWN BEHIND US. They are not legit, no explanation, constant laughing and snickering with terrible KD/W/L ratio. All they play is domination. They're terrible at everything else except domination for one specific reason, to spawn on every flag.