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Trophy Failures.. anyone else having issues?


I am a religious trophy system user (almost a requirement to play HC DOm).. but I have been noticing something lately and I am wondering if anyone else has...


I will be capping a flag so I throw down my system. I know that if you are in the line of fire between the projectile and the system you may get zapped, so I often lie right under it.




I have noted that even lying under it, I often die... and the trophy system did zap the projectile (you can hear the thud)


Two things that could be causing this:


- Maybe I am killing a teammate (but if that were true I would die by friendly fire and I see no such message)

- Pred missiles: ciould people be getting smarter and landing them further away so the trophy system is not zapping them but I am getting killed by the blast radius? (but I still here the system go off)


hopefully I am not answering my own question, but it is happening more often than before...


Anyways, anyone who uses the system and could share some possibilities/explanations would be great (I am thinking maybe there has been a patch I missed reading about... or I am suffering from mass lag - I have had instances where I put the system down and died, only to see in the kill cam that the system was not even put out!)