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MW3 is a damn noob shooter.


Death Streaks & Support. I get so damn tired of destroying players just for them to benefit from it & either kill me from the death streak or use an EMP to destroy something I earned.

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    only way a player will benifit from you while using support is if you let them kill you. if you dont like emps then use the perks that will help yyou avoid it

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    It, as you say yourself, is a game, nothing more nothing less.  It is an arcade shooter that has grown to aspire to the kids of the world.  All the killstreak rewards, assault and support have grown up to please the children.  The more realistic (even that's pushing the description) was W@W when it took effort to earn a reward and then it was worthwhile.  As soon as IW put nukes in the game it went silly, and has just got worse.  It's half the reason people cheat/boost, just to say to their mates "I got 10 nukes in MW2, and 50 MOABS in MW3, aren't I great."  Errr, no actually.  You can cheat/boost in a game, that doesn't make anybody great.


    Support streaks are there deliberately to suck in the casual player, they can feel some form of satisfaction knowing that it doesn't matter how many times they die, as long as they get their points they will get a reward.  On a slightly positive note, they do encourage people not to camp, why would you if dying doesn't amke any difference?


    It's a game and what you get out of it other than entertainment while playing means nothing at the end of the day.  You can complain all you like but Activision will continue to pander to the market that pays them millions each year.

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    Then again, weren't the last few CoDs made for noobs?

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    I only really play dom and play solo a lot.  The stealth strikes and emp's come flying in from halfway thru to the end of the game every game and get annoying.  A buddy of mine at the firehouse might be the worst COD player in history but he can get a stealth strike in every match of dom.


    I begged in black ops for caps to count toward your streaks as us guys that go for the obj. need rewarded so I do like that but the dam support in fast paced games like dom get to be a little much IMO. 


    A few people on here have put up solutions that would really work.


    I think RLBL had an idea to take away a point for each death after 1 or something like that.  So if you have 8 pts and die twice you only have 7.  Die again you only have 6.  This would make support still viable but not quite as easy to get those stealth strikes and emps.  I mean some guy on team A works his ass off to throw up a pavelow and OG only to have it put down by some guy who went 6-42.  Really.

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    CoD is made to cater to EVERYONE to achieve the highest sales possible. If it's too hard, the casual gamers won't buy it.


    Support killstreaks weren't brought into the game to cater to bad players. They were brought in to reward objective oriented players.


    As far as you not wanting to change your perk setup to eliminate some of the effects of EMP, that's on you. If you don't wanna use Assassin, don't complain about the EMP. I've said this multiple times. There is a counter for everything. If you're too stubborn to change the way you play, you deserve to die (in the game, lol).

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    run low killstreaks so they cant destroy them