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  • 10. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    i love this idea i am a girl and i do play COD and i have always wanted to be able to pick who i get to be and a girl character is a great idea

  • 11. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    Are we going in circles, here? Did you read the full thread, lady? Is authenticity and proper gender ratio beyond your pretty girl grasp?


    (again, ironic pseudo-male chauvenistic joke)

  • 12. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    thr freaking POTUS is a woman, what more do you want?

  • 13. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    Well, women are taking a more prominent role..


    The president in the game is a woman.
    The pilot of the fighter jet was a woman.
    The poster of the Blops 2 poster of the soldier holding a head is.. a woman.


    So don't worry about it

  • 14. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    exacaly!! and just bc girls dont have combat spots today dosent mean anything the game is based in 2025

  • 15. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    Believe me, it has nothing to do with sexist overtones as to why there are no female avatars. Lets use an example:


    Back in 1997, when GoldenEye 64 came out, my friends and I would constantly play License to Kill(one shot to die), on Complex(loved that map). And my buddy Dave, would always choose the character that looked like a little old woman(we straight up banned OddJob), purely because it gave him a tactical advantage because his avatar was significantly smaller then the rest of us.



    So, do you see? Women, by biological design are smaller them Men, which would equal an unfair advantage in that players favor.


    Plus, you have 12 year olds that would do nothing but hump dead female corpses.

  • 16. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    haha that last part was funny .... but not really just bc we're smaller and im not saying that there being sexist but i dont really understand the reason they dont have one or why u cant costomize ur avitar .... but they could just make a women avitar and lt it do the same things that the men ones do but all well

  • 17. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    Women not being allowed into combat is actually very important. Just because its in the future doesn't mean this will change. I have nothing against the female gender, but maybe you should focus less on the appearance of your in game character (that you cant even see), and focus more on shooting the people trying to shoot you. The people  at treyarch need to focus on more important things.

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    im not focusing on how my chracter looks all im sayin is it would be kool if they did had a female chracter and yeah true the rule might not change but you never know yes im going to use this again its in 2025 but also its a game and we dont know whats gunna happen by 2025 so they can put whatever they want in it the could give us jet packs for all i care we dont know

  • 19. Re: Add Female characters to Black Ops 2

    As already stated..


    Would you still want to have women in the game if the designation of your character's gender is not decided by you (in other words randomly 5 in 100 or so would be women irrespective of the actual player's gender)?


    Because the factions, etc. are not chosen. Age, culture, race, religion are not chosen. Gender is on a par with those more than it is on a par with equipment or weapon choice.


    If you truly are claiming sexism or something then this is the way to go, as COD have done with race/factions before now.


    Allowing people to actually choose gender (without some kind of PSN screening and that would be full of holes) would be ridiculous.

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