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Experiment in social relationships as it may pertain to CoD...


This weekend, my wife and I threw a birthday party for my 8yr old.  We hired a company that came out and set up laser tag in a community park.  As I watched the group of 1st and 2nd graders play, I saw some striking similarities between these children and the wii CoD community:


1.  Run and gunners: just like my playing style, some kids ran around like crazed lunatics shooting everyone/thing they saw.  These are the kids who "won" each game with a very low KDR and a very high fun ratio.


2. Snipers: a few crafty kids hid behind various obstacles, shot, then moved and repeated...

These kids never won but still high fun ratio.


3. Campers: 2 kids sat and hid for the entire match. Very low KDR because the "pack" of run & gunners found them and had a mass killing.  These were also the kids who cried.  Very low fun ratio.


4. Hackers: a couple of kids realized that the laser sensors were on the guns they were shooting, so as they ran around, they put the gun behind their back or under their shirt to avoid the kill (god mode).  These kids had a high KDR & high fun ratio, but the others got angry and yelled at them and refused to play with them.  When one of the "hackers" won, the rest yelled "cheater!!"


5. Account hoppers: me... I grabbed one of the camper's gun and started shooting... Yeah, I'm THAT guy!