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Why is discussing banned players against the COC if theyre the ones starting it?


I guess I'd just like to know why this is such a touchy subject. I for one think it should be the opposite. If someone comes here and legitimately is asking why theyre are being banned, why is it a bad topic? If anything the people coming here to the forums that have any thought in boosting will see the severity and punishment that comes with the some of the simplest forms of boosts and it may deter them from doing it. I cant say that  all the responses from everyone are the nicest, because its a sore subject for legit players. But with as many people as there are boosting, IW has already asked us to help police these people with theatre mode, BanCandy and Stache. Why is it off limits to talk about and try to clarify?  Makes no sense and quite frankly destroys one of the most entertaining things to discuss here out of the masses of dark, negative threads posted here daily on the forums.