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stay 10th?


ive just got to 10th prestige and i was wondering wheather or not i should prestige to 11th and onwards? or even stay 11th 80 as the symbols are pretty much the same?

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    I was going to stay at 10th but I couldn't resist it and hit prestige again....

    Planning on stopping at 11th 80 but then again there's always that urge to go again.....


    I'd give it one more go but the decision is all yours.

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    I told myself I was going to reset stats when I hit 10th and then they added 5 more when I was at 8th.

    I told myself I was going to reset stats when I hit 15th, but then they added 5 more when I was at 14th.


    I then decided to just stay at 15th and go for gold guns, but the last double XP I couldn't help myself. I'm at 17th lvl 60 now and may still reset when I get to 20.

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    ill probs go to 11th 80 then aha thanks

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    I would stay. I am not even fifth yet and really don't feel like going much further. It's up to you though.

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    I stopped at 10th as I was sick of the grind.  I've since gotten all pro perks, have many gold guns, and obviously I have everything unlocked.  I stopped on prestige shy of max prestige on Black Ops too.

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    Real men prestige.

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    I am kind of with PeteyLew on this one. I tend to Prestige as soon as I hit Level 80, I find it gets boring if I don't.


    I would say it comes down to this.


    Are you going to keep playing enough to warrant the Prestige? Are you going to sit at Level 80 using the same weapons or max out various weapons?


    I personally always prestige. I enjoy the challenge.

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      I was just busting balls a little... I don't really care.


      I see prestiging as a by-product of playing, not an objective.


      And I'll always hit the prestige button because it's fun to level up again.... I like getting all those big points in-game for completing various challenges...


      I've saved just about everything I want (Trophy, MP7, ACR, RPG) so when I unlock custom classes after prestiging I have good guns to play with.


      Maybe I'll unlock something else... C4?  Stinger? (It's a pain not to have a viable anti-air class for so many levels...).


      Maybe not even then.


      If I ever get to 20... hahahaha, at my pace probalby not before BOPS2, at which point this game will go into the drawer to never see the light of day again... unless BOPS2 sucks.

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        I am the same way. I am going slowwwwly on this one. But I get bored when I hit 80 realllll quick.


        Its kind of a Pet Peeve of mine when someone sitting at Level 80 first Prestige dominates in a lobby and talks trash...

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        Stinger is a must for me, That and the portable Radar are tokens very well spent...


        I reckon I earn around 50 to 60K XP off the Stinger before I get to level 40...


        Also when you prestige, you are rather vulnerable to air assaults without one...

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          I usually run in a group of people who have them, but it seems like lately we all sort of skip the chore of shooting stuff down.


          Maybe I should burn one for a stinger...

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            DO IT...


            Blind Eye Pro and a Stinger is a licence to print XP, and when some wise guy on the other team puts up a Strafe it's "All Perks" or a chunk of killstreak in a couple of shots...


            It gets you from lvl 4 to lvl 20 lots quicker then trying to muddle through with your starter class too...

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    I went to 15 that was just because I misread something that said we got extra challenges after 10. Damn was I wrong.   So I went to 15,  and the day before 16-20 came out I thought to myself, "Why cant I be one of the cool guys that are to scared to even prestige once".  So at 15 I reset my stats and sit at level 80 being one of these cool, lazy, or scared people I see.  Oh well,  I can be a rookie to and have an extrememly high K/D since I wont have to go withouth my favorite gun.  JOKE on the last part.


    After prestiging so many times im done, and dont care about my K/D anymore since it all went to **** trying to pull all gold guns.  Now that I dont worry about any of that anymore,  the game actually became fun again.  Hell just stop now and have some fun with the game.

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      Im in the same boat. I said at 10 i was gunna stop. Then 2 weeks of playing i got drunk and hit the button. But i said to myself, hey ??? if 16-20 emblems are just a roman numeral, ill stop at 11-80. And behold the emblems sucked again

           So here i am 11-80 and iv decided on just getting gold on everything and getting all titles and emblems. Then they bring in double weapon xp....AWESOME !!! just in time too.

      Bad news though......i just got back from the store with a case of beer. So i hope i dont get all hopped up and push the button tonight......FINGERS CROSSED

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    Stay 10th?


    Depends how much you play, really...


    For someone like me it's a no no, because I play ALOT so it is like climbing half the mountain and sitting there pretty with all perks etc...


    For a weekender then so long as you have prestiged and unlocked enough to get by, then it's personal choice whether you carry on. I say if you can knock up a semi decent class at lvl 4, (Perks, Equip, Stinger then go for it because it is good practice and training levelling naked guns up...


    How much time do you have in... to date?

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    I continously say im going to stop at level 80 and get some of the prestige challenges done (1k pred kills, etc. (currently at ~915)) but its so boring not getting any level ups, so i have decided im going to stop at 13th! (currently 8th lvl 65ish) why 13th? because its my lucky number, and because the emblem looks the biggest of them all, with the roman numerals looking like they fused with the wings to become extra large!


    Goodluck whichever way you go!

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    I have never prestiged on any of the CoD games apart from CoD4 where I did it by accident. The reason is because I don't see the point of unlocking all the same things again, where's the thrill in that? Especially twenty times lol no thanks.