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  • 50. Re: "Account Hopping" and how to stop it [READ THIS Wii Admin]

    Learn to read, godsmack. I've already stated I could care less about the game, I don't play it, and I haven't been on in months. In fact, I have an Xbox 360. It just bothers me that this game had to be ruined so fast. I don't care about other codes but this one was never supposed to be public. I'm trying to fix this for YOU GUYS, not me. Maybe if Black Ops 2 comes out for Wii they'll do it right next time, but at the moment it doesn't look like it with the way MW3 is going, which is why I'm trying to help the wii scene.


    So to sum it up, no I really don't give a flying **** about my accounts. I don't play the wii, the laggy gameplay and lack of RAM makes the wii slow and boring to play, I prefer my Xbox 360. I typed this out to get the ball rolling and to give an idea to Activision on how to stop the issue in the future, because obviously most of you have no idea what you're talking about when it comes to this stuff. You guys have a clouded opinion of these so called "hackers", because the people who actually make the codes are pretty intelligent. The "hackers" you're thinking of are the noobs on MW3 who don't even know the codes work, let alone the RAM.


    Thank you and have a good day sir.

  • 51. Re: "Account Hopping" and how to stop it [READ THIS Wii Admin]

    The hackers on wii make kiddie codes. They never make anything usefull at all. No map mods nothing just cheap unfair crap. Hackers are just social rejects looking for some type of achivement for making codes.

  • 52. Re: "Account Hopping" and how to stop it [READ THIS Wii Admin]

    Some people actually made some good mods for MW3 wii. But so far, I'm still waiting for freaking RPG quickscoping only drop zone/juggernaut!

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    Once again, I HAVE NEVER denied that he helped ruin the game. My whole point is that if we want a patch and he wants a patch then why the hell would you insult him and make him feel ostracized? We ALL want the same end result. So let's put aside our differences and hopefully get our patch. Do I like the fact that people feel the need to hack his game? ABSOLUTELY NOT. I also don't feel it's right to personally attack someone over a video game. I'm just as upset with all of this as any of the rest of you but I also realize that the more the dev team actually knows about the code and how it works, the more they can do about it. I think that is certainly one statement in this post you can not contest. The other one is this, PoptartHunter's post is the most informative on the code. I'm not saying to thank him or even like him but please respect the fact that he is helping us get a patch for a game that HE QUIT PLAYING MONTHS AGO.

  • 54. Re: "Account Hopping" and how to stop it [READ THIS Wii Admin]

    we're totally ****ed if wii admin doesnt kick in and works out a sulution to all this and of course i hate "that website" that had to ruin everything to us and yes some dude on the first page actually came up with a pretty good plan to stop all these account hopping ****

  • 55. Re: "Account Hopping" and how to stop it [READ THIS Wii Admin]

    i dont know you, but you hace xX so you must be cool


    and if they can just fix what poptarhunter said. We woulndt need to worry about  a new hopping way.

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