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what  'NEW' killstreaks would you like to see in BO II ?


state your ideas for new killstreaks that you would like to see in BO II

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    start stating your ideas ,,,, and would u like to see killstreaks pro ? uav pro = advanced uav etc....

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    Velociraptor: Earn a 6 killstreak and call in a pack of 8 velociraptors


    Godzilla: Earn a 12 killstreak and call in Godzilla. Godzilla will survey the area and upon sight of an enemy use it's laser eye beams that have a blast radius of half the map


    Godzilla Pro: Earn a 24 killstreak and Godzilla will lay eggs and Godzillas babies will hunt down the enemy team

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    what NEW kilstreaks would you like to be in BO II

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    theres alot of views on this post,, but not so many comments,,, come on people ,, start posting your ideas and sharing the with all these other people viewing this post

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    Why not share some of your ideas with us? Give us a jumping off point to spark the discussion.


    And no, no "Pro" Kill Streaks. Want to see the Killstreaks be just an element of gameplay, keeping it primarily gun on gun.


    First of all, I want to see them expound on some of the ideas from MW3, but with vast improvements.


    I want to see Specialist return. I like it exactly how it is, but maybe if you get all of your selected perks, perhaps at a certain point (every 3 or 4 kills after getting your Specialist bonus) they throw on another random Perk. I love the Specialist package, it was one of the few sparks of brilliance from IW.


    I want to see a Support Class come back as a true support class. It shouldn't have lethals on it aside from perhaps an airstrike to clear out campers. Some of my ideas, not going to list what level kill streak I think it should be, so these are in no particular order.


    1)UAV- This should ONLY be on support. Assault classes should have to coordinate with teammates who have  Support enabled. In addition, the general location of the UAV plane should show up on enemy radar if they have a UAV enabled.

    2) Advanced UAV- Similar to the Blackbird but with the caveat that it can be taken down with a few Rockets. Shouldn't show up on Enemy UAV and should have chaff to repel initial rocket attacks. Should be a high level streak.

    3)Recon Drone- I find them annoying personally, but a great way to help spot the enemy and paint them on the mini-map. Gives points for players supporting their team.

    4)Sam Turret- Should only have enough ordinance to take out one Killstreak or two UAVs. Should need clear line of sight to the target in order to engage.

    5)Ballistic Vests- Will get some hate for this, but a valuable support item, with tweaks. Should NOT protect from Grenades or headshots. Teams can only have one set of vests out at a time, and only one can be worn per life, and you can't get more than one vest from a stack, even if you die (basically good for one vest per teammate.

    6)Decoy/Hacked UAV- Higher level streak, gives the enemy team a UAV with false information (dots in incorrect location). Opponent either gets a "UAV inbound" message or, if they have a UAV up already, just changes the information on it.

    7) EMP- Should be at the top level, and gets hated on but a good way to clear the air of Kill streaks.

    8)Spot tool-  Can be set up to scan an area- will spot any enemies within its range and mark them with a ret dot on the mini-map and an indicator over their head.

    9)Targeted Air Strike- Unlike the Stealth Bomber, Must pick out a specific spot on the map for a targeted strike. Used in support to help clear an area of Campers. Perhaps a setup like the Mortar strikes on BlOps?

    10)Team Ammo Drop- Like the annoying Care Package Ammos, but a drop in which the entire team can hit once to replenish their loadout.

    11)UAV Jammer- Completely removes Mini-Map on Core Modes, renders UAV useless, can be shot down.


    I also think that you should have to have all 3 slots filled. People currently take advantage by only using one or two streaks so they can spam a particular streak. Either use all 3 slots or use none.


    Assault streaks- I personally am not a huge fan of constant air support, but it does serve a role. They are not effective at all in MW3 it seems, so they need to be usable and effective without being over-powered.


    1)Remote control device similar to the RXC- small blast radius, user is vulnerable when on the ground. Perhaps make it so that if the user dies while controlling it, the unit self-destructs? This would encourage the user to either find cover while using or have teammates cover them.

    2) Quad-Rotor- User-controlled streak with a machine gun attached. User is Vulnerable while controlling.

    3) Stealth Bomber- A rolling thunder type directional bomber.

    4) Helicopter- The traditional CoD style attack chopper, But must be placed in an area of the map where it will patrol, similar to the original BlOps.

    5) User controlled Harrier- Similar to the Gunship on BlOps. User can control  its direction and movement, primary is guns but has rockets as well with a reload time.

    6) Gun emplacement- Similar to the sentry gun, but must be manned by a player and can be placed anywhere on the map. Player can either man the gun themselves, or let a teammate take over. Would get assist points for kills that teammates get. Protected emplacement from the front, vulnerable from back and sides. Limited ammo, can be hijacked by the enemy.

    7) Strafe run- similar to MW3

    8)Pred Missile- cause lets face it, those are just fun.

    9) Bunker Buster- Similar to the pred Missile, but can strike targets inside or under cover, higher level kill streak

    10)Care Package- Would love to see the Care Package as a higher level streak, and with all unique items. They should only contain items you can get in a care package, similar to how they had the Grim Reaper, Death machine, etc in BlOps.  This would make them more valuable and getting those streaks would be more exciting as you don't see them all the time. Making them useful would encourage teams to protect them. Would also like to see a mechanic where a teammate can't pick up a package without your permission. If they try to take it, you get a pop up "<GAMERTAG> Wants to pick up your care package <A> to Allow <B> To Deny. This would keep from TKing or teammates stealing care packages, but still allow you to let them pick it up if you want them to have it or to keep the enemy from capturing it.



    Just some ideas. I am looking forward to seeing what Treyarch comes out with!

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    3 Kills = Get a clip of hollow rounds that do slightly more damage


    4 kills = Call in a sniper team that targets enemies within a given range


    8 kills = call in a Bio hazard bomb that slowly kills enemies in a given range


    12 kills = Control a siege tank that is stationary but fires large rounds on your given area


    14 kills = place 8 random mines that are undetected and way more powerful than claymores.


    They seem fair and within reason.

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    I would like to see they add Thermographic camera uav where can see heat where stay too long for example 5 seconds in same position but not able to see rusher or moving around.

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    A new killstreak.
    A remote rocket launcher (locking on killstreak rewards and free fire)

    something with mines/bouncing bettys. An x amount in certain area

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    Like care package idea what about carepakeges have old munitions and kills streaks so could containe any killstreak or weopon from black Ops (could have a discription like old munitions from previous wars)

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    Awesome high tech kill-streaks that haven't ever been in COD that are fun to use but not to overpowering. Just look at all the future war vechicles and most likely each one you see will be in BO2 in one way or another.

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    I want to see Skunks as a kill streak. When called in they will spay the enemy blinding them and making them pop up as a big dot on the radar. You can smell your way to them.