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What is the funniest or most memorable hate mail you've recieved through X-Box live while playing COD MW3 ?


I love shotties so I get hate messages all the time. I got a message from some dude I don't know that said " Its good to see that your still failing at life you misserable pathetic imbicilic being. A suggestion from a better player...quit playing this game because you and your clan fail at this game like you do in real life.  You should just kill yourself to save your friends and family of the embarrasment of your exsistence. I will kill you everytime we cross paths."    Hahahaha he messaged me 12 times after even though I made no response what so ever. I think its so funny that people take the time to message a complete stranger to trash talk them especialy since I laugh my a$$ of and think its great. I wanna hear some story's from other people. Thanks Ya'll