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    So here's a page with some interesting concept weapons. Maybe some of these would work well. I'm digging some of the pistols and one of the compact assault rifles. http://slaindus.webs.com/conceptweapons.htm

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    Those are pretty cool as well, but I'm diggin' the PDR. XD

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    tjmoore365 wrote:


    So here's a page with some interesting concept weapons. Maybe some of these would work well. I'm digging some of the pistols and one of the compact assault rifles. http://slaindus.webs.com/conceptweapons.htm


    most of the "concept" firearms in that website are just pictures of existing guns that have been cut and paste with pieces of other guns. nice photoshop work though...

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    My concept weapon...so stupid. XD


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    I know, I kind of figured that out. XD I still really like the PDR...I can't say that enough. It's so friggin' weird yet cool.

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    I will say this comparing BF3 to MW3. EA games is doing the same "Premium thing" For BF3 starting on June 4th.


    Good thing is you get very different weapons and maps and vehicles for each DLC. They are going to give you the 4 DLCs for the 50 dollars Premium charge.


    Now heres the bad side. the Back To Karkland pack is one of the 4 sets you get with the Premium subscription. The people that already bought the Karkland pack OR pre-ordered the game are screwed even MORE than any whiners on the Elite package here. Hows that for looking after your customers EA ?


    Thats almost as bad as paying 10 dollars (or included with brand new  game) to pay for the servers they supplied and then they drop all the servers that we paid that fee for. Then they said that "our Dice Servers are still out there" when they rented out all the servers and then a month later said "We are now 'turning on' the Dice Servers".


    So anyone whose comparing the game BF3 to MW3 and saying its better then think again.




    Back on topic. so you think people would like the words "you are using an elite Premium gun" on their screen at the time they are playing ????


    Look at how many people cried the 'button tags" were in their way.


    Besides even making these guns "Elite based" would never happen because you only have so many memeory slots in the game. As well as BF3 can have different guns, etc for each map pack because they have the variables on a server and can change them at will.


    There are many programming reasons why that would fail.


    As well as the fact that not all guns are almost empty. Did you ever hear the phrase "Never been fired and only dropped once"

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    There are not many "programming reasons". All of you are taking this way out of proportion. Why do all of you feel as if it would take up this magnitude of space on the servers? Call of Duty is much more wealthy than Battlefield, and yet Battlefield 3 has extremely large maps, tons of munitions, and many other things. They do all this on a smaller server than Call of Duty. To add 2 guns to each category would be nothing.


    I have NOT said that BF3 is better than MW3 in ANY way. I simply find BF3 too damn confusing to figure out. But, on the downloadable content of EA, they are ahead of Infinity Ward and Treyarch. I hope most of you realize it takes thousands of dollars and hours upon days upon weeks of creating one multiplayer map for MW3. A gun would take a few days to create, a few hours to code the stats, a week or so to initiate an update via Xbox LIVE so as to allow players to use these weapons when picked up rather than the ridiculous "Change into a different weapon" theory.


    As to your statement regarding it showing on the HUD...yeah, no. It would simply have the Elite Premium (Red skull) icon next to the weapon name, just as it does for maps when they are listed...Like in Black Ops/Halo, DLC maps are labeled with a star or something.

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    Lol @ the BF3 comment, you do know that like 98% of the guns in that game are total garbage and no one uses them right?  What's the point of adding in a bunch of worthless guns?  Just wait until the next game.

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    i have a better idiea. there are to many guns allready take half of them out.  how many assult riffells do u need .

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    Wow, you know, some people like variety. I'm just saying that these guns would have extremely similar traits to other weapons except with a different style. I for one would prefer a Tar-21 over the G36C because I love Bullpup weapons. I would prefer the Magpul PDR over the UMP45 because I LOVE BULLPUP weapons.

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