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    Just had a playlist update anyone know what it's for?

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    No offense but this might be the first time you have posted that particular link, but within that link is another link leading to another link leading...... which you have posted previously in this thread. Also you don't need to tell them to focus on something first. YOU ARE NOT THE PERSON THAT TELLS THEM WHAT THEY SHOULD AND SHOULDN'T DO.


    Sorry but your denial, links & posts are starting to annoy me... (BTW I did read it. notice also how out of all of the links you can get to from that 1 link there is only 1 comment made by another person. That should tell you something in itself...)

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    esmorgue wrote:


    Iif0xyii and G IH A IN ID II have already spoken about the redundancy in posting about shotguns...so why keep it up? Do you want to tell people you were banned because you stood for the great cause of shotguns usage? That is something that will NEVER BE REMEMBERED!

    I second that and is the reason I have been refraining from posting anything in reply to the shotgun posts...

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    What's your problem with new ideas? Seriously I haven't posted a game idea in almost 3 weeks or in this forum's case 70 pages I haven't started anything with you so stop with being hostile towards me it's not like I am forcing you to read it and also I posted the pages for the Devs in the feedback and suggestions pages so I know I am not getting any comments from anyone I wanna put some new game modes in to widen the selection of competition that's all. If I wanted people to be hostile towards me or troll me or harrass me I would post an anti-camping thread but I don't so stop being negative it's called skip my comment and go down to the next one after all I am trying to talk to G IH A IN ID II not you your not a Dev so stop harrassing me it's not like I'm constantly complaining about campers and shotguns and overpowered guns like everyone else. It would be like me saying I am tired of you pretending to be a Dev and commenting on people's comments but I'm not saying so stop with the trolling if you don't want change to come to this game stop playing it cause it's changing no matter what with new consoles being released next year and the year after.

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    I think a no camping game mode would be awesome, but you're right, you're not saying a no camping game mode.

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    No I am doing this because everyone else's primary weapon of choice have solid representatives.  The shotgun community got the shaft big time and mw3 is far less fun for the entire shotgun community because of it.  I will keep this up because at some point logic will win out.  Shotguns perform poorly compared to every other primary weapon class in game.  So we 100% know for sure that they are not balanced.  The shotguns do not even compare favorably to the worst smgs and ARs.  This is not fair.


    Almost everyone has shotguns as their lowest performing weapon class overall.  This is because several features of shotguns have been taken away that we have had for years.  Can you explain to me why the 2 pellet kill up close, tighter spread while ads, and 80% movement speed while ads was removed when we have had these features since cod 2 and we know for a fact the community is fine with these features.


    Its never been close range damage, ads spread tightening, of fast ads movement that the community gets mad at.  Its balance screw ups like the mw2 akimbo 1887's pre patch.  Then it was the spamability of the mw2 aa12 and mw3 striker that the community has a problem with.  Even in mw3 itself we had the pre patch spas with emags and damage that took 3/12 pellet to kill up close.  Do you know how many people complained about the mw3 before the 1.08 patch?  No one.  The feature we are asking for are thing we have had for years and we know will be perfectly balanced.  The only reason we don't have these is because people are biased against shotguns and others won't listen so I will do this until they listen.


    P.S.  1887 without damage and steady aim is infinitely worse than the m16.

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    You know, people can say the same thing about skipping posts about shotguns but that doesn't change the fact that the post isn't needed or helping.  Shotgun posts and your posts are about equal in value.

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    Also there isn't a problem with me posting game mode ideas here because this is a Hot fixes and Title Update forum and game modes get thrown in the Title Updates so my game mode ideas are allowed to be posted here.

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    Fair enough that they are allowed and I by no means have anything against you or new ideas at all. I myself have suggested things or endorsed ideas. However in saying that, is it not true that first of all, a popular idea for the community is one that is more likely to be considered by the DEVs? Popluarity for idea has not been shown in your threads. Take this as a guide as to whether the idea is worthy enough to submit into a major thread in which many, many people look at. If it was good enough in the general forum for enough people to see and like, then sure post it away and let the DEVs see it more (they do already look at the ideas posted in the general forum but never post on them) Now this is not a discouragement but rather should be a place from which you build upon.


    Secondly, I hate making posts off-topic like this but someone was eventually going to say something so it might as well be me.

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    And new game modes keep the game fresh.