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Black Ops 2 Zombie ideas

Please leave an honest review on my ideas. First I know the game is in the future but DO NOT replace the zombies with robots because that would just be stupid. Next i have a few ideas:


Perks- You should be able to buy a perk again to return it. For example if i bought speed cola i should be able to go up to the machine and for another 3,000 points i could return/ get rid of it. Also add an extreamly pricey perk that alows you to either keep mule kick after getting downed and if you dont get revived/dont have mule kick you get to keep your wepons after coming back the next round (also alows a fith perk to be bought).


Pack-a-Punch- After pach-a-punching a wepon you should be able to put it back in the machine for double or tripple the cost to fill its ammo.


Special Grenades- There should be a special grenade that alows yo to go invisable for 3 seconds so you could walkthrough zombies and past them without them detecting you (One use a round or three uses every max ammo). Also alow players to buy throwing knives or tomahawks to through at the zombies which can be equal damage to a ballistic knife or a bowie knife.


Wonder Wepons- A bubble gun, you shoot it at zombies and they get trapped in a bubble then float up until the bubble pops and makes them fall to their deathAn element gun a combination of the thunder gun, a flame thrower, and a water/ice gun all shot in one huge "bullet". Make another wonder wepon like the one in moon where it is like dual wield ray guns that get put together for a greater gun.


Maps- Some map themes a junk yard, roof tops, a neighborhood, or a city. But don't have zomies that are imposable to kill like George but if you do have a gun that is completely use less againset regular zombies but will kill the "super" zombier in one shot however the player would not get rewarded from that kill (no extra perk). Make easter eggs easier or more obvious on what to do also make them require no more than 2 people to complete. Also make two easter eggs one that gives everyone all the perks perminatly and one that gives you difrent wonder wepons instead of a death machine.


Power Ups (Max ammo, Insta Kill ect.)- Add a power up that revives every downed player and give everyone 500 points. Also add a power up that drops a 20 second turret (like in DOA).


Other- Have migrating host on multiplayer zombies. Also improve the leader boards (sometimes score/rounds dont save) also show the downs, kills, points, and revives  the player had when getting to their highest round.


What do you think????

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    Love it dude, that is fantastic ideas. One thing to add to this list:


    have a group perk/ power up/ something/ that gives downed players unlimited ammo

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    Too lazy to read all of it/reply to all of it, so I'll just do like, one part, lol.


    To the "buy a perk again to give it back" why not just bring the hacker back in certain maps?

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    zombies is based in the same time where moon left off

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    I agree with everything but a few things. I don't feel that we should have tomahawks. No one would buy them, they'd all go for gersch devices which are SO much better! No point having weak special grenades. Even the Matroyska Dolls kill zombies in one blast up until round 40! And don't make easter eggs obvious, that make them too easy and not worth doing. The only reason you'd say that is becasue you are crap at doing them or never survive long enough to complete them. And for the uber cool easter eggs like MOON and SHANGRI-LA, Keep them for 4 people only as they actually give you all the perks. Besides, it'll make you actually go and get some friends (sorry, that sounded rude). Just saying it as it is

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    And they should make these four maps. Mall of america, empire state building, Alcatraz, Theme park. BEAST!!!!!!!!!

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    they need larger maps and more people

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    i heard 4v4vzombies. i like the idea just as long as the 8 players are on the team.

    also a really good move for treyarch is to make 12 characters and you choose the character you want (original cast, cast from call of the dead, and the new new characters).

    larger mapsizes would be amazing. more funny dialog would be amazing. easter eggs (like moon, shang ri la, and call of the dead) should be easier instead of it taking 2 hours just to figure out the first step.

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    Here are the most frequently suggested ideas


    1. Ability to pack punch guns more than once – this would involve much more reanimation but there is a fair chance that this will be developed as a new feature.


    2. Upgradeable perks – ability to improve perks by drinking the same drink twice. (e.g. juggernaut could take 6 hits instead of 4). Some people have said that this would make the game too easy but they could compensate for this by making them more expensive to double upgrade.


    3. Host migration – People don’t want to see the words ‘Host Game Ended’ in black ops 2. It has been requested that the host changes when the original host quits rather than everyone getting kicked. The good news is this is lightly to happen now that zombies are on the multiplayer engine.


    4. Ability to save game or vote to pause game – a game up to round 50 can take over 7 hours (which is probably a little too long to be playing solidly). There could be a system where if most of the players want to pause game then the game pauses. Or ability to save game and continue it the next day.


    5. More than just four perks – Although you can ‘kill’ George and get another perk, it was suggested that the max number of perks should be extended slightly.


    6. More/different melee weapons – Bowie knife was popular but it was requested that you should be able to upgrade it further. Or introduce a different melee weapon (e.g. samurai sword) or even a melee wonder weapon.


    7. Ability to selectively buy customisations for guns and characters + but attachments for guns– Like grenade lanchers, etc.


    8. Ability to upgrade equipment – e.g. monkey bombs, grenades, mines etc.


    9. Other sections of maps harder to unlock + further development into Easter eggs – e.g. an Easter egg that allows you to use a zip wire to go across the other side of a river to a different section of a map, Or hidden leavers that open doors.


    10. Sharing points with team mates - just to clarify that doesn’t mean one points bank for the whole team; it means ability to select specific team members to give points to (rather than having to kill your self so a team mate can revive you and get some of your points).


    11. More boss zombies – the idea of George Romero (that really strong electric guy) was quite popular. We can probably expect to find boss zombies particularly in the campaign mode.


    12. Bringing back some of the favourite WAW guns – The PPsh was especially popular.


    13. More detailed leader board – boards that show not just your highest round and kills your fav weapon, fav perks, whether you work best on your own or close to other players, how good you are at staying alive etc.


    14. More zombies in higher rounds instead of ridiculously strong zombies– obviously they would have to get stronger to a certain extent, but what most people want is for fewer weapons to become totally useless in the higher rounds – so perhaps the solution is to make the rate at which the zombie’s health increases through the higher rounds slightly slower.


    15. Weapons/upgrades that only become available after a certain round - e.g. a double pack a punch machin.e