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What is Host Dashboarding?

Ive seen the term used, but do not know what it is, anyone care to explain?

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    dashbording is when a player quits to the Xbox dashbord (like the PS3's X bar interface) so there stats are not recoreded Host dashbording is the same but the game host does it.

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    3 step cure for host dashboarding.


    1. Play in a party. This takes care of the first issue with dashboarding, being thrown into the middle of a game. I've found that 5 or more will work 99.9% of the time to stop this.


    2. Back out of merged lobbies. When you're party is searching for a game if the two maps suddenly swap to another option you've merged. This means the other party is host and if they quit you will migrate or worse.


    3. No one on your team can rage quit/dashboard. Your party will gain host from the 1st two steps but if someone from your party quits because they are doing bad or you are losing then step one and two were a waste of time.


    This doesn't stop you from having bad connections or bad games but it does stop the dashboarders from ruining your games. The worst thing to happen to me while employing the technique is waiting for more players to join a game. I've also done this for almost 1000 games without a single host migration or kicked from game.