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Petition for Un-scoped Bolt-action Rifles


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To those of you who played World at War, would it not make a wonderful addition to the game to have the ability to remove the scope from bolt-action rifles in Black Ops 2?

To those of you who did not play World at War...

Watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amLDNU1Fikw


Give players the option to remove their scope from bolt-action rifles in Black Ops 2 and add an iron/open optical sight to the weapon instead.

This would be an instant unlock, no marksman/expert challenges or points required.

The iron-sight would not affect any of the gun's other attributes such as power or range (perhaps mobility).


Potential counterarguments:


To any argument along the lines of "Herpaderp, they'll be overpowered". Go play some World at War, find a lobby that isn't modded (a task if you're on the 360) and play a match with any unscoped bolt action rifle with Stopping power. Play another match with any MP40, Type 100, PPSH or Thompson (you don't even need to use Stopping power) and then give me the verdict.


For anyone arguing that this addition to the game would be a waste or developers resources and that no-one would use them. So what? I rarely saw people use the Crossbow, Ballistic knife, Molotov cocktail, Throwing knife/Tomahawk (practically), Flamethrower, etcetera, but did that mean that they shouldn't have been in the game? Features like this add more to the game in regards to experimentation and fun (Yes, you read that right - fun!).


To any person arguing that it is 'unrealistic': I don't agree with the realism argument or "it wouldn't make sense to have them in this era" because of all the other impliments Call of Duty has when it comes to gun customizations. A prime case would be Rapid Fire - an attatchment that shouldn't be physically possible without massively affecting the gun's other mechanics. Most bolt-action rifles - the Accuracy International AW series being an example (the L96 model in BO is a part of this family of bolt-action rifles) - have accessories that can be attatched such as an iron sight for emergency use.


It's not as though sniper rifles aren't built with or can't have iron sight/aperture opticals attatched to the gun, it's just very unlikely to see them used in modern combat because of the long-range nature of a sniper rifle. The heartbeat sensor was in MW2, and we all know most games -ignoring SnD- weren't excactly of a covert or special operation nature, yet we still had the occassional player rocking one regardless.


If Treyarch do impliment Quickdraw, or any incarnation of that perk and choose to keep sniper rifles immune from it's effect, I would suggest leaving the perk active when the scope is removed. Although I welcome any counter argument that reasons against my suggestion though.





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