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What is with the matchmaking  these days?

I live in Australia and for the first few months it appeared that I was only playing Australians. I was consistently having success in 50 ms and 75 ms lobbies and hardly any lag to speak of. Over the past month I have noticed that I'm now playing people in America, England and because of that lag is starting to show its ugly face. I know that Mw3 doesn't have local matchmaking but it's just ridiculous connecting to people so ar away. I don't see the point of it... Blops had a local option which made it a lot more stable. Does anyone know why they removed it? I can't for the life of me figure it out....

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    It has been a debocle since the beginning. Who's ever idea it is to release a game every year, is a money hungry moron. IW went through some serious changes, since its dawn with the original COD. Changed so much, in an effort to get the game out for the deadline they hired more companies to help develop the game, which is not uncommon.


    COD has gone so far off from its origins its a shame what it has become, but it is still a classic arcade shooter. It is made for the younger crowd in keeping with video game stereo types, that apparently only the young crowds play them. With no consideration for logistics, so to speak. They would rather rush it to the shelf than have a "perfect" game, though there is no such thing.


    Gaming is not the only industry that this happens. example. I am in aviation. Airplane manufactures get the planes out the factory, in perfect condtion, no. It is up to us at the regional service centers to make them perfect after they leave the factory. FYI, there is no such thing as a perfectly good airplane.


    Game devs rush them out the door to meet deadlines, then its up to us, the gamer to point out flaws in which they now try to fix, sometimes never. Like what you have asked, it may never happen in this game. All we can do is grin and bare it.