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When are they going to rebalance overpowered weapons?


I mean cmon, the ACR, MP7, PP90M1, MK14, and P90 have been there for just too long at its overpowered state. They nerfed the Type 95 and FMG9s, so that's good. But what about those weapons? ACR is a 2 shot kill and no recoil. MP7 has huge mags, high fire rate, and no recoil. MK14 has little to no recoil, and just kills in 2 shots! I mean cmon, in cod4 it was very balanced and it should be like that in this game as well. The PP90 has a very fast time to kill combined with its recoil, mag size, and rate of fire, this weapon is just too ******* good. Same with the P90, except it has a fuckin 50 round mag!


It really doesn't make sense how infinity ward lets all this happen, something needs to be done. I wish the ****** ass ***** **** licking ******* who **** their moms for pleasure in a ******* **** of ***** and **** didn't hack and put mods into cod4 and cod5. Those were my two favorite games of all time since THE WEAPONS WERE ******* BALANCED, and I really wish something could be done about the hackers. For now, this game is trash and should be fixed before I officially switch to Battlefield or Halo, OR if they fix cod4 and cod5!


Thank you for your time.