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  • 10. Re: Camping Patch

    There are modes where what you consider camping is a must - Domination is one of them. One person per flag for defence is normal. Anything with a fixed objective point is going to have someone on it.


    If you are doing TDM and people kill you by camping, then make a class to tube, rocket or nade them out of their corner. It's not up to them or the devlopers to fix your refusal to alter your play style to counter the campers. If you did, you'd be glad they are campers so you can find and kill them easier.

  • 11. Re: Camping Patch

    Cry more please.

  • 12. Re: Camping Patch

    There should be a time limited for kc but other game modes it shouldn't matter.


    A friend made a class for tdm  it's called   You camp I RPG


    When I seen this thread at first I thought you wanted a patch as in a emblem for ppl who pop a tent,

  • 13. Re: Camping Patch

    Would you like some cheese with your whine?

  • 14. Re: Camping Patch

    Your tears are like the sweet nectar of a Honeysuckle!

  • 15. Re: Camping Patch

    blaming others for ruining your killstreak is the weakest excuse out there. Atleast have the cojones and admit you got killed!

  • 16. Re: Camping Patch

    Complaining about getting killed and having your kill streak stop.....who says that person was one kill off a ac130 are you saying you wouldn't not camp to secure that kill hey..... Most assault streak users are campers just the way it goes.....

  • 17. Re: Camping Patch

    Second part of your statement is not true.

  • 18. Re: Camping Patch

    Most not all but most.

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    smokey20ds wrote:


    They should just make a patch and not be able to stay in a corner for a long time cuss im tired of campers ruining my kllstreaks it just makes me mad.



    WOW this is the 20 crying about camper thread this week  they need to make a "stop crying  about the way other people play" patch. i run & gun and if i'm killed by a camper/snipe i don't cry, run back for the revenge kill, or scream ban/punish them. i just don't go to that side of the map. the best way to piss off a camp is not go where they are camping DUH!!!!

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