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Camping Patch

They should just make a patch and not be able to stay in a corner for a long time cuss im tired of campers ruining my kllstreaks it just makes me mad.

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    I know what you mean. The only way I ever get killed is from a camper. No one else can even touch me. What I want is the makers of the game to call me and I can set up my own rules of how everyone in the world should play. What they can and can't do. I am sure it will boost their player base because my play style is really the only true style to play. I can kill campers all day long but they shouldn't kill me and mess up my MOAB. in real war people never camp. They run right thru the middle of the road firing randomly so everyone knows they are coming.

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    it would be nice if cod made a kick system if your the host but.....dont worry these ******** wont be making one,they cant even make a good game!

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    Hmmm, a game mode where say you don't move for five seconds then you start to go to sleep and the only way to wake up is to run in slow mode for 1 second the first time, 2 seconds the second time, three seconds the.......


    We could call it "Putting campers to bed" lol

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    All of you guys need to stop smoking and get a life.

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    I also think maybe a game mode such as TDM where your KD doesn't count may work.  I think KD is the biggest reason why some people camp out.  A game mode where KD is not affected means more players are willing to get out there and play.


    I am sure this has been discussed but personally I don't hate on campers much. It does suck when I get killed by a camper but I also understand why some players do that.  When players are getting crushed or when they try for kills and keep failing then they don't really have much choice.  Someone stated that players have no chance at killing him except when they camp.  Well my friend, you are blessed with a great skill at this game.  Some players aren't and if you weren't as skilled and just kept getting killed left and right I am sure you would resort to some form of camping tactic. 

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    In other words "I lost my killstreak because I blindly run around corners hoping to out hip fire someone and I didnt properly clear the room and I got shot in the back" thread, original.

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    Well said twinkeeze

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    How can you remotely say KD doesnt count in TDM?


    Isnt TDM all about KD? I mean if people on my team has a better KD then your team we win, am I missing something??

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    Camping is and always will be apart of the COD franchise don't you realize that by now. Instead of making a patch how about you find a different way to get around people that camp like idk flash bangs or stuns. maybe you shouldn't run around like a chicken with its head cut off and actually check your corners and maybe you wouldn't die as much from someone camping in the corner.

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