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can't seem to get over the hump


I started playing first person shooters in november when this game came out.  I sucked so hard for a long time.  I got a bit better and now average around a 1.0 k/d per match.  my overall k/d still sucks because i have to overcome the lousy play when i was learning.


I am getting frustrated, though.  the only time i do well is when i go pure stealth and get campy.  i don't want to be a player that always has to play this way to succeed.  i try to build a rush class and just get owned.  i want opinions as to if I am expecting too much too soon from myself.  everyone seems to be so much better than me and i would love to get some feedback on what I can do to improve.  i am getting beat to the draw almost every time.  should i sacrifice another perk and run quickdraw?  I suck at hip-firing, so should i just dedicate a week or so to get that down?




if you want to check out my loadouts, my GT is ValleyYeti.



I love this game but it's hard not to feel disheartened.

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    ok a few things my friend. if you are wanting to rush, you really need to have hip firing down, you have to be able to get the first shot off if possible. if you are not good at it like you say i recommend spending time in FFA or team death match, forget KD and just hipfire in the games until you get better, or create another name and use it as practice for hip firing. second understand when to jump shot and drop shot.. do not run around corners ( normally  drop around corners, creep, or jump). most importantly know where the spawns are for the most part. .. not to trap, but  you need to be in the area where the most traffic prob is. DO NOT BE OUT IN THE OPEN! smgs and shot guns are the best rushing weapons. also run specialist, and hardline or assasin pro get your bonus, and youll be a killing machine. hope this helps

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    This game wasnt the best to start on lol. Play tactically. Watch your minimap (assuming you play core), where you team mates arent, the enemy probably is. Dont run in the middle of the map. Learn sight lines and power positions.

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    Master the drop shot.  When you are sprinting around these small maps, you stumble upon lots of 1v1 "face up" gun fights.


    I used to hate it when it was done to me, because I would almost always lose.


    Now I've got the tactic down pat and I win WAY more "surprise" 1 v1 battles because of it.


    You can also run Stalker, so you can jitter/strafe when you get into 1 v1 gun battles going at someone.  Aim down sights, and then juke left and right while keeping the trigger pulled.


    Most effective rushing with a good SMG (MP7 or my favorite, the PP90).


    Rushing takes a little time to master, but once you have it, you can wheel and deal.


    Shotties are another rusher favorite, but I stick to SMGs.


    Oh, and if you want lots of rushing pracitce... two words:  Drop Zone.

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      BTW, this was my first FPS as well.


      It's brutal early on, but gets better.


      Still grinding my pathetic K/D towards the "mendoza line" of 1.0.


      Currently getting very close to .80.


      Being a rusher and playing almost exclusively Drop Zone doesn't help build up lots of super positive K/D games to help close the gap.


      AlthoughI did go 27-3 this morning on Carbon.  I was hot and I had a Pave Low up just WRECKING people.

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        thanks for the advice.  i did manage to go 24-9 on Dome a couple of days ago, but that was a true fluke.  fired off the javelin to start the game and got a multikill.  everytime i died i would fire off a shot with the javelin and i think over the course of the match i got like 9 javelin kills.  i can do pretty good at dome with my acr but it's mainly through picking a spot, get 3 kills, move to another, etc.


        looking forward to the days when i can run n gun.


        thanks again,



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          set up a SMG class.


          Work either PP90 or MP7 to rapid fire + extended mags.


          Rush, crush people.


          Rinse and repeat as needed.



          Oh, I also find RPG to be a great rushing tool... it gives you some "range" to clear out choke points/flags/drop zones before you rush in ,guns blazing.


          Another great rush tactic on small maps is the  good ol concussion grenade.  Pre-toss them into areas where you know people either (a) are (mini-map, your own two eyes) or are Likely to be (choke points, around corners, campers).


          You get two per life.  Use em, don't lose em! 


          Once they are all concussed, charge in and clean em up.


          It's also a way to get a bunch of assists as your team-mates will benefit from the slow movers.


          To do this effectively, you MUST run quickdraw and get it to pro.  That way you can huck out those flashes (and frag.. don't forget to chuck the one that goes "boom" AFTER you've stunned em...) super quick.


          Try it.  You might take it in the face quite often at first, but eventually you'll learn where and when to rush and will start racking up kills, and multi-kills, etc.



          Oh, and if you rush... Sleight of Hand.  You need to reload/swap as fast as possible.

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            holy crap, petey!!! great advice!!  i printed this off so I could try it out tonight!  putting the old office printer to work.


            now i just have to get my wife better.  she loves to play, too.  i am pretty lucky that way.  i thought of making her a sniper cuz she doesn't have the hand-eye to run-n-gun.  right now she is a CRAZY camper!!  she loves to get the hatemail.


            thanks again!

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    You have over 300 hours in the game that has earned you to a .62.  If I take a look at Elite(since you suggested it) over your last 14 games you went 99-135 or avg'd a .73. Thats as far back as Im willing to look.


    Im gonna suggest that you're not avging a 1.0 , it just seems like it for some reason. Also in order to ever get back up to that 1.0 you'd have to over compensate and avg a 1.38 for 300 hours just to break even. Since thats double what you are actually doing now, despite your belief, Id lower your expectations, or just stop worrying about K/D.


    As far as our load outs go- My only suggestion to you is to use anything other than  dead silence. Use betties instead of  grenades. Helicopters are useless. Use predators, and uavs, maybe a reaper...but no care packages as Im sure you prob lose more than half of them to the enemy.


    The acr with red dot and silencer is agood gun for anyone. I suggest you replace dead silence with stalker for more mobililty. Always be aiming when turning corners or anytime you can. Get a lot more kills that way. Put the betty down right when you spawn. Forget motion sensors- use flashes or a trophy.

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    I looked you up on Elite.  It looks like you play a lot of TDM.  I would recommend some other game modes.  You'll feel more comfortable leaving behind the assassin, blind eye, and silencer load out because it's not as useful in game modes like domination, demolition, and team defender.


    It'll force you to run around more and then you'll get more practice learning to shoot on the move.  And I'd hate to say this but make sure your connection is at it's optimal settings.  You may have unbearable lag. 


    But keep at it.  I was terrible for a whole year when I started on Black Ops 2. 

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      i do play a lot of TDM.  my wife and i play with her coworkers.  thank god they are all really good and don't mind us sucking it up.  when i play alone, i will start playing some different modes.  i think you are right.  it will make me camp less.  I camped for a while both because i sucked at rushing and my teammates are rushing monsters and they would go nuts and i would protect their back (or be bait, unfortunately).


      i am thinking more domination and drop zone to force myself into the mayhem.


      I really don't care about my k/d.  I just want to learn and get good enough to hold my own with anyone so when black ops 2 comes out, i can hit the ground running (and gunning)


      thanks so much for your advice,



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    yeah, Cowboy and She have some good advice there.  You need a rushing class.


    Primary:       SMG

    Secondary:   RPG or Machine Pistol (Akimbo MP9s are nice)

    Lethal:          Frag (I disagree with Cowboy on this one... Frags are great to clear out chocke points/Flags/etc... cook it a little, chuck it, and rush in behind it).

    Tactical:       Concussion

    Perk 1:         Sleight of Hand

    Perk 2:         Quickdraw

    Perk 3:         Stalker or Steady Aim (to help with hip fire)


    You should also probably run support instead of assault or specialist as you won't be putting too many streaks together.  Suggest UAV/CUAV/EMP.   That way if you get 18 kills, you can take out their air support, sentries, etc.,.. and that will come later in the game, when it's winning time.


    Just my $.02, there are lots of great players on here... they'll have some good ideas too.


    Most of all.. enjoy and have fun.  you WILL get better.  But make that the by-product and not the main goal.

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    My best advice to you is this:  If the game is frustrating you because you're concerned about your k/d then FORGET about k/d.  Play to have fun!  My k/d is less than 1.0 for two reasons.  1.   I am not that good       2.   I play for fun and concentrate on the objective.

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    This is the most civil discussion ever in these forums.

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    This was my first CoD as well, and I ran Blind Eye almost exclusively (except on SMG classes for the small maps) and it saves MANY deaths. That way you don't have to worry about hiding from air support, and you can concentrate on playing your game.


    Also, STICK TO THE EDGES OF THE MAP! Over time you just learn to be able to pick your moments to go into high traffic areas. Get used to glancing up at your mini map and noting where red dots and green arrows are.

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      Very solid advice here about not running down main street, in broad daylight, with a "shoot me" sign on (your gamertag display because you won't be running assassin).

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        I tend to call it "Dumb-F*ck" land. Where clowns run around endlessly spraying with akimbo FMGs and Strikers.


        The edges of the map are usually pretty low traffic so at first I had many many games where I'd go something like 7-5. But if your back is to the edge of the map where possible, you won't get shot in the back. Once you learn to navigate and get a 'feel' for the game (where enemies/teammates are spawning, etc) you can be toward the middle and kind of have a 6th sense and be fairly confident your back is covered and when it isn't. It's kind of a feeling I get when I just sense that I don't have a bearing on where enemies will be coming from. At that point I just try to run away, haha. Also stay away from your teammates. If you see a group of green arrows one direction, go the opposite direction. Where there are no green arrows, you'll likely find enemies.

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    This is gonna be a long post but I'm gonna fit in every piece of advice that I can for ya


    1st and most important, never worry about KD it doesnt matter in all games types and rarely represents a players skill


    The hip fire idea is good but you dont want to fully rely on that too much it actually dulls you skills with other guns that dont work with, also drop shooting can be effective but I personally feel its a cheap tactic and dont make you actually better. Anyways here is my advice

    Try to avoid looking at the radar too often it gets you killed alot more then you may realize I only glace at it every now and then to see where my teammates are (if they died) and the enemies general location but I never do more then glance and dont do it too often


    When rushing find routes that take you AROUND these areas that way you can come up from the side or behind to kill the people who are trying to rush directly into the high traffic area

    MAP KNOWLEDGE this is vital to a rusher, know where people spawn, know the most commonly used routes, know good flanking spots for each "camp" area. A good youtuber that shows alot of nice lines of sight and useful details on each map is a guy named TmarTn check out his vids they will show a new player alot of key map information, dont just go out and try what you see in his vids just keep them in mind because they work well in the right situation


    Also what I personally do is never run blind eye but always have a stinger, because when you shoot down those UAV's and air support you get one point to your kill streak (3-5 if you shoot at a strafe run I <3 those when the other team calls them in)


    With your equipment I found C4 for my leathel works MUCH better then grenades if you know somebody is round the corner toss a C4 double tap X and boom kill, also works if you being chased if youi get shot and make it round a corner but know they are RIGHT behind you spin toss douyble tap and boom problem solved, sometimes depoending on how you tossed it you will die also but hey you taken down with you xD


    What I use for tactical most people use for camping its the portable radar what I do is I run with it, toss it ahead on the path i play on running (quickdraw helps toss it faster) do a quick check for non assassin users then pick it up as I proceed on my path, now when you dont see any dots dont ASSUME nobody is there its just a little edge you can get over the non assassin users


    For you ACR loose assassin and put on quick draw helps it out SO much more if your trying to be mobile, Also slight of hand can be useful for that but not needed.


    Also dont be scared to try new guns you may find something that works great like these


    USAS 12 get grip on it then grind it up to damage and she works wonders (steady aim is a must and only hipfire with this gun)


    L86 or MK46 work pretty damn well the class setup I have on them is slight of hand, quick draw and stalker, grip is a must have on these, thing is once you have grip you dont need kick so you can use attachments to put a sight on it or silence it, a silencer on these guns are great because unlike all other guns they dont loose damage over range with it its always a 3 shots kill, trick to these is when you shoot crouch or if its long range go prone makes your accuracy with these guns much better


    A fun perk to play around with is Recon, what it does is anytime you hit a enemy with explosive damage (barrels,stuns,flashes,grenades etc) they are painted on the map like there is a advanced UAV in the sky for a short period of time, once this is pro then just one bullet will paint them on the map, best part is your whole team can see them so combine this with hardline pro and you will find you get alot of assists that count as kills xD

    Last but DEF not least is try out the specialist strike package, what you want to do is if hardline isnt your second teir perk go ahead and set it to that. Then set the first perk you get on specialist to the perk you replaced hardline with (if you didnt replace anything just pick perks that would work well with the gun you have), usually I have scavenger as my last perk I earn. You will find that this set up can work wonders because instead of killstreaks you get a edge on other players in a gun fight because you have more perks on your class then they do


    Thats all I got I'm too tired to be typing anymore so sorry if it kinda came out jumbled lol and also keep in mind all this is stuff that I myself find personally useful so they may not work for everyone

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    MW3 is my first FPS MP game since I started playing MP again over a very long 5-7 year MP break (I played FPS MP A LOT when I was younger lol, but on the PC).  I started on the 360 version and it has taken me awhile to learn everything.  I have gotten much better since then luckily.


    I'm slowly getting my stats up a bit on the Xbox version (for some reason I play better on the ps3 version, all positive over there ?) and it's not easy.  You really need to learn what took me forever to really get a hold of, when to ADS (aim down sight) and what NOT to (hipfire).  If you lose every 1 on 1 it's because you are taking longer to ADS when the guy already has you in his sights.


    I fought with this for awihle but now I know when to hipfire (around corners, multiple guys, strange angles ect.) and get the kills.  It does take awhile to get the hang of as it just feels very different vs. when you ADS at someone.  Obviously knowing the maps help, as with watching peoples patterns.  It's funny how many different people you play against yet everyone seems to do the exact same things.  Work that into your favor, I don't care if it calls for you to sit in a corner for 3 seconds while 2 guys come running around it, put a few in their backs and move on.


    Drop shotting is not "cheap", it's in the game and use it to your advantage.  While it's NOT 100%, it will help you win more 1 on 1 fights.  Since it seems like you have played a lot, pick what guns you like the most, or the ones that you aim and shoot the best with then build up the rest of the class around it (your perks, attachements ect.).


    I used to be a full run n gunner which got and can still get me killed a lot.  I still like to play like that but I have now gone with the more silent, move around the edges of the map approach and it does help.  I like faster aiming so I generaly run Slight of Hand Pro, Quickdraw Pro and Stalker Pro, then I run specialist and Pick: First = Assassin or dead silence, 2nd = Scavanger and 3rd Steady Aim or Marksman.


    It depends on what setup I'm playing as I change it up a bit (like if I'm playing objective based matches I will get blast shield, recon ect...).  Just mess with some setups and see what you tend to do better with.  Good luck.