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Does everyone consider this gun to be a "noob" gun? I played tonnes of games with people who say "oh this gun is noob" and people who go berserk over it.



But when I use it, I do REALLY bad with it, so I never use it. So the question I want to ask is, why do everyone think it's noob?



*Update on my previous Trade in MW3 post*: I'm not trading it in, as when blops 2 comes out for the wiiU, every hacker will hopefully move on and thus mw3 will be playable again . In the mean time, I have not played on my "Legit" (No troll/noob, 2.92 kdr) account for almost 3 months. If anyone wants to join me in trolling, let me know

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    I would not call this gun a "newb gun" thou it is an easy gun to manage, i would say a newb gun is the mp7 alot of tryhards use the mp7 because there is no to little recoil, and it has a good rate of fire. this to me is a newb gun.  but only use the gun on small maps. your perks and set up is up to you

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    Okay, next person who says they're quitting MW3 but come back a few weeks later will get smacked in the face. Seriously, I'm beggining to think "quitting MW3" is the new version of running away from home. We all know they're quitting for attention and that they will get back a few weeks later.


    Don't look at me with that face, I quit MW3 and I really am not coming back to it. Ever. Even if some magical unicorn destroyed all hackers, this game WOULD STILL BE TOTAL GARBAGE. I have played this game on the xbox, ps3 and on PC. Its garbage on ALL consoles, and believe it or not, the wii got the better end of the deal. Seriously, my friends all think I'm crazy to have quit MW3 when the wii version is the most fun out of them all. But hey, at least I can sell the game to the highest bidder and buy something more fun than MW3....actually, this piece of lint I see flying around right now its probably more fun than Mw3......excuse me, imma go play with some lint....ohh shiny!

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    i hate the pp90m1 not that its over powered i just hate getting killed by a gun that looks like a kids water pistol

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    I think it is annoying, not n00b. FMG9s only bother me in ths game.

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      I use the pp90 , thing is this, even though in the tables for the weapons were it shows distance, damage etc etc , and all the smgs are level, thats nonsense . The pp90 is best used hip firing with steady aim pro, on small maps with extended mags, like arkaden /dome. The range isnt very good imvho. The mp7 is better rangewise and not as good close up, or even hip firing imvho.


      Coz ive just joined a clan and im trying to keep my kdr around 2.00, ive started playing more tdm, and ive just started using the acr with marksman and im trying to slow down my run n gun antics, and its working well. acr bigger maps, pp90m1 smaller maps.

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    It might be considered "noob" because of the low recoil and high fire rate (rapid fire PP90M1, anyone?). I used to use it until the PM-9 won me over :D

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    people call it noob because it was the first good gun found... but in my opinion it is not as good as people say but it is pretty decent tho.

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    I still consider it as a noob weapon, nothing has changed, it isn't as used as it was back few months ago, but it still is noob.


    I grabbed it from the ground today on Mission, I went on 12 killstreak with it right away, maybe it would be more balanced if the maps of this game weren't so freaking tiny and people wouldn't come right in front of you with it all the time.


    You say that you never use it, that is the reason why you don't do good with it, it takes a while to get used to it after long breaks.



    Maps were it always dominates, Hardhat, Dome, Mission, Bootleg and maybe Arkaden.


    I just don't like any of the SMGs anymore, I only have one class with Blind eye and Sitrep where I use P90 Kick/Silencer, got to say that it is pretty cool, very weak, but the silencer balances that problem.

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      no need for Kick use Range instead
      Also I tried it out today (I've used it before but only picking it up from the ground) and I gotta say its a pretty good weapon. I was on Mission and was sticking near the corners and narrow alleys and was dominating. But reloading takes forever and the mag empties too quickly every weapon has its weaknesses. Thanks but I'll stick with my MP5 ;]

      Best Sub-machine gun weapon ever, i can use it to take down basically any other opponent except FMG Akimbos who see me first.