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make bo2 realistic

  • if weapon runs out of ammo you drop it and bring out knife or pistol
  • you pull out knife to use it and put away again
  • bend over to pick up weapon not just magicaly change
  • if you get slashed in the stomach you should have to bleed out not die instantly
  • when you get care package you open the box and take equiptment out
  • when picking up tomahawk or throwing knife you see your guys hand and pull out of wherever it is
  • male and female characters online and zombies so it is air for both sexes
  • if you blow of guys head with a 50.cal their head should be obliterated
  • more realistic sound graphics
  • like you should have catergories like a medic is the only person who can heal someone and a marksman uses a sniper rifle
  • you can do stealth attacks on an enemy
  • use wounded enemies as a human shield
  • bullet holes stay on walls not fade away
  • like in real life have a spotter who tells his team where the enemy is
  • have squads like in WaW with squad leaders
  • more realistic ways of getting items like you could put dogs on in bo1 but you could also get them in a care package which is miss leading to me
  • when you set something on fire it should burn for longer i do see problems with this idea like maybe someone could trap enemies in a building like i do see that problem
  • if dogs jump on to a player they should be given a chance to stab the dog in the neck
  • back in seven when i mensioned both sexes you should also be able to pick which one you want to go

i hope you agree with me that this would make CoD Bo2 alot more realistic in alot of ways.

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    I don't think Call of Duty is going for "realism". That's kinda Battlefield's thing. CoD's just a faced paced arcade shooter, that's what I like about it.

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    most of you who view this may think this will make it more difficult to play Bo2 but my friends dad was killed in afganistan not long ago because war is not ment to be easy so what is the point in making games easy because more people prefer more realistic games like im not dissing CoD or any game but the harder it is the more realistic it is

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      I have lots of friends who are in the military, and some who have been deployed and actually seen some combat. They all play Call of Duty with me. Infact they have a clan, I don't think they're worried it's not "realistic" enough at all. Combat is hell, and I'm fairly sure they play video games to unwind and have a little fun. They're not trying to recreate what they've been through in real life.

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    I agree with some of this.


    • Not sure one needs to drop the weapon. Already gets put away and the secondary is pulled out, and you have your knife. Besides, what soldier drops their weapon? Pretty sure they'd hold onto it until they got more ammo.
    • It is pulled out and put away... remember this is an arcade shooter, it has to happen quickly.
    • There is a weapon swap animation already....
    • Knife hits are instant kills because you are in CQB.
    • You are asking for unnecessary animations. Not sure that would add anything to the game except for waiting for the animation to complete.
    • I see no problems with offering Male/Female Characters. There are several gamer girls out there who would appreciate this, I am sure.
    • I agree they should bring back the gore. Not to be gratuitous, but War is hell. Showing people dying as just a flop to the ground or humorously flying through the air is dangerous. It lessens the impact of what people are seeing.
    • I think the graphics are pretty amazing already, never had an issue with the sound. Would like to see improved directional sound.
    • No. We can already create our own classes, you are asking for BF3 type gameplay.
    • You already CAN do stealth attacks on enemies. Whats the point?
    • Don't think the human shield idea would work.
    • Yes, I think they need more destruction in the game. The map shouldn't look the same at the end of the match as it does at the beginning.
    • Agreed, not one spotter but a spot mechanic where you can call out enemies and mark them.
    • Why do we need squads?
    • The dogs didn't come out of the packages. You just got the chance to call them, and they came out of holding areas on the edge of the map.
    • The fire lasted long enough.
    • You are assuming they will have dogs.


    Remember, realism isn't always the way to go. If it were truly realistic, you'd spend most of your day standing a post, filling out paperwork, or attending briefings. Maybe a patrol or two. I understand wanting to honor your Father, CoD charities donate a lot to the families of soldiers. The game, however, has to remain a game. It has to be fun. If adding some realism adds to the fun, more power to them. Otherwise, most of these are nitpicky and would just be more animations to watch... rather than play.

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      you know i supose you are right but it could be a little bit more realistic

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        but you know the main reason i want CoD more realistic is because as i mentioned my best freinds dad youst to tell me and my friend about all the things he had done and seen and i was like wow games are way off track as far as reality was concerned but not until 6 months ago my eyes where really opened when my freind was stayin over and he got a phone call to go home i sat up the whole night wondering what had happned that was so important i got really suspicus when he was not at theschool the the next day until i got a phone call to go

        home and try to talk so sence into him still didnt know why though but it wasnt until after i had calmed him down i was told his dads convoy ran over some landmines his body was to mangled to destroyed to even have a body at all so there was no body at the funeral just a shrine to represent his body thats why i want CoD to be more realistic because my freinds dad wouldnt want people to be lied to through half realistic and fantasy games he would want people to know that joining the army isnt such a great idea when your 16 year old son has to grow up without a dad because you can still see he wants to cry even when he laughs you can see it in his eyes clear as day see i have an idea that more realistic games mean not so many people need to die in  a war that probebly doesnt even make sence to them

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    Definitly add more gore to MP. W@W level.

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    CoD has never gone for true realism. Only thing thats close too, is that they try making the game Photo-Realistic(Which means as accurate as possibly visibly). Other than that your asking for alot from a game which already has its engine and coding made. They're always adding new subtle nuanses to the game maybe some of these things you mentioned already be in?

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    what nicedrewishfela said <----------->.>

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    If the game becomes realistic it becomes boring or not fun to play. It gets to a point were you dont want a game to be realistic. Black Ops was the most realistic game out of all the Call of Duty games. Black was a fail to people who had played the Call of Duty Franchise before it. Black Ops is only good for people who were new to Call of Duty and picked it up.

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      Black Ops was Amazing and not a fail. The gun play,balance, mechanics, and inovation was on point. Unless you consider starting at the beggining when it was first released on PC in 03, then transitioning to console when CoD came out with Finest Hour on PS2 in 04, after when CoD2 was released on Multi-Platform(05) and i started playing it on xbox "NEW to the franchise". I take it that you didnt enjoy black ops very much.


      But thats besides the point. Please continue to toss more redundant statements like:

      Anthonyicool wrote:


      Black was a fail to people who had played the Call of Duty Franchise before it. Black Ops is only good for people who were new to Call of Duty and picked it up.

      Since you appereantly speak for all the gamers that started playing CoD since its inception

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      I disagree I found black ops to be great online it did suffer a bit from poor netcoding but still operates better online then the latest poor effort from infinity award. I can still go on black ops now and get more kills and  less lag then MW3. Call of Duty is designed to be easier to play online so more people will buy it especially new gamers. If they make it more realistic it will be harder in some ways so people that like to run around like a headless chook and spray and pray are less likely to buy it. I do think however they could make body damage more realistic like WAW was and maybe put some vehicles into the maps that you can jump in and drive around.

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    the holding up dead people(gears of war)

    squads/more team game(battlefield)

    marking people(battlefield)

    destructible maps(battlefield)


    you want the best of all worlds, now if they do everything it would be sick, but idk if they will

    i want a real realistic mode just like hardcore, core, barebones, etc- no killstreaks, no hud(# of ammo, crosshairs, map, etc.), no radar, no killstreaks, no perks, no name over some1 head, nothing, just your guns, knife, and your life, and not just one game type- every game type

    i love call of duty, battlefield, gears, and other shooters, but each game has its reasons to play and its pros and cons

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    Out of the entire list the only thing i agreed with was having multiple sex's id like to be able to creat my soldiers face (head hair, facial hair, scars, face paint etc) but the clothing and cammo is based on what map is played on. And each perk having an effect on appearance is already rumerd to be in the game as well. So being able to choose your characters gender and what they look like would be kick ass in my opinion.

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    once again cod is not a war simulator it is a first person shooter. 2 thing every person leaves out when they say make the game more real is the perks and how bullets from one mag add to the other when you relode. those bullets are gone not magically put back into yur extra mags. using a body as a human sheild is a gears of war thing. the destructive enviornment, bullet holes, and fire would eat up to much memory for consols and i dont want to sacrifice frames per second for bullet holes. the set classes like medic is a battlefield thing. stop trying to make cod like another FPS they need to fix connection propblems first.

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    If you want realisme. You can only play until you die. Jus like in real life.


    On a serieus note. Some of the thing for extra animations will take to much space for such little things.
    And dropping empty weapon. You can still pick up ammo.

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