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hello guys

i think they should have a new packapunch so after u packapunch u can upgrade the gun again something called like the Zapapunch

because after round 30 the offwall guns and other guns that are packapunched dont kill any and with the double upgrade u can get up to higher rounds

the zapapunch should cost about 30,000--60,000 or even more is its no to easy to get it..

give me your ideas or just comment and like



ZOMBIES BOSS:i think there should be a zombies boss every 20 or 10 rounds to make it challenging so your not just killing zombies-------the boss might be hard to u have to prepare your self and it will make black ops 2 zombies really fun and popular!!!! like and comment if u like my suggestion-----feel free to add your own suggestions on my forum


suggest any ideas weapons -perks - ,maps and anything esle



wonder weapons: they should redesign all the wonder weapons and make all kind of new wonder weps