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  • 200. Re: *OFFICIAL* Black Ops II Zombies Ideas!

    I'd love for there to be a boss fight with Samantha. But that's probably what everyone is already expecting. I just hope it actually happens. And for those rounds when the hell hounds, crawlers, or monkeys come out, there should be hooded people in black cloaks coming after you (probably from the Illuminate), but not running. More like power walking. And they have this cool gun like the ray gun, but better. And the last cloaked man killed, drops his weapon for only one person to have. After that one gun is dropped, it's never again dropped throughout the rest of the game. 

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    I think there shold be a vote for intermision type thing so that you can have a break during the game without having to die or create a crawler, and during this being able to invite more people. then you shold have to ready up to resume the game. also a host migration instead of instantly ending the game when the host quits.


    they should put all wonder weapons into one zombies map.


    create a dificulty setting like the campaign.


    allow us to choose attachments for our weapons before the game so that when we buy weapons off the wall we can have our own customized weapons.


    a upgrade system so that the more we use a gun or perk the better it gets.


    songs that can be activated multiple times.


    slightly easier easter eggs that don't take hours to complete, and that can be completed on single player.


    leaderboards ment for single player zombies.


    being able to PaP an already PaP weapon to get ammo.


    take out everything that can steal your perks, and nova crawlers.


    a map creating mode that you can submit to treyarch to be released as an actual zombies map for dlc.


    all the BO1 and WaW zombies maps for free if you bought them previously.


    a perk that gives you extra perk slots so you can eventually buy them all.


    a theater mode for zombies.


    easier way of sharing points.

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    don't really see the point of this there's 6 months till release and they probably have all their stuff written down and thought up.... but i'll go along with it. what if there was a map set inside a plane and you experience zero g's like in MW3 turbulence mission only it's a bigger plane like... airforce one! XD huh huh who's with me on this

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    A perk that gives you jugernog and speed cola and quik revive and one new one that cost $35,000

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    i wont to see dual weild machette's like the film clip of call of the dead in cod black ops 1

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    There MUST be a matchmaking option so that a player can choose to be only matched with players who have a microphone plugged in. I understand this will slow matchmaking but many players will appreciate it. also improve matchmaking overall, in BO anyone in a lobby that sees "migrating host" knows that the lobby will soon be closed. As well an in game host migration has to be possible, ive had games ended by rage quitting noobs with better internet than me too many times. Finally, just be sensical when deciding which weapons should and shouldnt be in zombies ie: M60 yes, ak47 yes, dragonov NO. and possibly add a feature to pack-a-punch more than once for extra ammo/damage/fire rate, or even just replenished ammo (2nd PAP could be more expensive ie:10000).

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    How about a perk that saves rest of your perks like shielder or somthing the use of it would be that if you get downed the only perk you would lose would be shielder?


    and i had a idea of a multiplayer style were the two teams are zombies and humans kinda like T.D.M. only humans vs. zombies

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    no wunderwaffe or old guns that will suckk new guns!

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    My wishlist:

    1. Maps that balance the camping and circling concepts of zombies, and also certain spots where people can circles to assist the campers.
    2. New perks, I would love one that would let you run indefinately!
    3. A ranking system based on challenges so that good players may be clearly defined from not-so-good players.  There should not be large advantages for the higher level players, but there should be a couple.
    4. Maybe a zombies campaign mode?  Perhaps it could focus on teh Easter Egg compenents of zombies.
    5. I saw someone post on another thread about maybe being able to have 3 guns without Mule Kick, in he sense that you could holster a sidearm pistol, other than the Ray Gun.  I think it would be overpowered if it could be used at any time, but I believe that it would be acceptable to use when out of ammo in other guns.
    6. I have also seen above that people want tier pack-a-punching and attachment box/camo box.  How about in the ranking system you unlock certain attachments/camos that you can apply to your weapon with tier pack-a-punching?
    7. Keep the zombies storyline seperate from the Black Ops storyline!  If Treyarch tries to intertwine the two, it will mess up the zombies storyline, and will probably change all the weapons and characters.
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    they should  remake all the guns or upgrade them and make new ones as well.... and they should make new machine guns or something

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