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    think of a batle ship, the power is in the cago when you turn it on, the ship will hit the la´s coast, there will appear a big hole in the side of the ship thats were you get in and out of the ship, there are alot of space in that map. the easter egg could end op with a nuclear bomb, you are in a nuclear shelter while it blows. after that you have to wear a suit, becouse of the nuclear waste, or a perk that alows you to be outside with out it. the boss are a diver man, he appears in a random round, when you kill him you get a maks ammo or a perk botle, and the round ends. uh and when the bomb has blowed, the zombie will get a litle slower, becouse of the mutations. the gun will be a gun there blows the zombies to atoms.

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    My ideas (some are copied due to them being good ideas) thigs with * are important ones that i think r needed more stars more importance

    1. ******FORGE mode or create a map mode this will add endless zombies fun
    2. An EASY mode all things are 1 point
    3. customizable modes for more endless fun
    4. An ability to pause you can pause it and get warped to a safe room but for a price also you dont gain any points
    5. Phd flopper is updated so when you go down you blow up killing all surrounding zombies
    6. A random attachment box or attachments off the wall
    7. Double Pack a punch
    8. Buyable drops (max ammo 2500 double points 3000 bonfire sale 6500(not compatable with easy mode)
    9. ****CPU players that are decently smart (for both solo and multi to fill spots that are open. ex 30 min wait for black ops lobby.)
    10. **ability to join game mid game you start with between 500 points and 5000 points depending on when you join.(500points rounds 1-5 1000points 5-12 1500 12-20 2500 20-25 3500 25-30 4500 30-35 5000 35 up) this can change due to doors open players ect
    11. *Easter eggs with better hints ex. Shangri La how did anybody find that switch!
    12. **********A STORY MODE. It will help clear confusion with noobs.


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    Ther should also be a short anime film about the story of zombies at the beginning of each map instead of the map so its not so boring waiting for people to be ready

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    i like the idear of double pap, but maybe only special weapons? and raygun

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    Replace death machine drop with a Quake 3 Arena style Rail gun with insta kill.

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    Ive already started a discussion on this but just in case you dont see it here it is


    1. I think there should be an ammo box placed in the zombies maps. It should cost you a certain amount of points depending on how many bullets you need to buy. I think you should consider this idea as i hate waiting for the dogs to get max ammo and you cant buy ammo for the weapons you collect from the mystery box.


    2. I think you should be allowed to pack-a-punch your weapons more than once and pack-a-punch your equipment aswell.


    3. There should also be an attachment box so you can buy your attachments.


    4. You should be able to play zombies in the online maps aswell as the custom maps and if you bring out a map pack with some of the old black ops online maps you should be able to play on them too. I really hope you put this idea in the game as it is my favourite idea.


    5. I think that Treyarch has already considered this but i think all of the zombie maps from all the cods should come back in a huge map pack.


    These are my ideas that i hope you put in zombies.

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    I LOVE the idea of a football feild. please make it a zombie map!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ive looked up old cod ideas and the Buy a max ammo off a wall was canceled from der riese it was a perk a cola called Amm-o-Matic .Also a scavenger type Perk a cola that gave you extra clips was called candolier that was cancelled from Black ops. And a perk that makes you charge over zombies that surround you was cancelled was called Tufbrew it was also the early version juggernog. In moon when theres no jingle to Mule kick there was it was cancelled due to you being in an airless space.

    DONT BELIEVE ME AT ALL GO TO: (callofduty.wikia.com/wiki/Perk_a_colas) its all there


    so they may retry to make these perks for black ops 2 zombies or they may not they cancelled them before they may again so just sayin my findings.


    Thanks For Reading

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    No for everything. but if i have to choose i would not put it on special weapons it would make them to overpowered xcept for the raygun you could pack it once for the normal first pack and pack it a 2nd time for that turned it into a raysniper that had penetration and no backsplash

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    They also had a shovel for a melee weapon in the i pod version of shi no numa they should put it as an actual melee weapon.

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