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Is everyone from the planet Krypton?

Haven't had many positive games for a few weeks. It's like playing against a team of Supermen. Everyone I shoot just stands there with bullets bouncing off them, then all of a sudden i'm dead. Feels like game is taking p.ss. My K/D ratio has dropped from 1.2 to 0.91 this past month, and dropping fast. Got to admit I have a few games of team defender a few times a week, and I do run around a lot, but I also do other game modes that I'm usually good at and still come off worst. Struggle to get 10 kills sometimes. Used to get between 10 - 25 a match. It can't all be lag, surely.


If it's me just going crap I might retire from the COD franchise and not bother with BLOPS 2. I was looking forward to that aswell. I'm doing worse on this than any other. Anyway, got it off my chest now. Feel better for that.

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    Had the same problem here over the last week or so, Got on today everything was fine, Nice, Clean & Fair games, Apart from campers, got myself a MOAB. Hoping it wont change back to terrible lag, paintball guns and bad hit detection:L

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    Yah I hear ya and even worse it's been happening to me at the exact same time I decided to prestige /shrugsshoulders.  So now the tools I had before I don't have just yet to help combat these issues.  I have gone from running even and or going positive to utter crap.


    Even if I am in the neg usually I'm only a few off of even but man, the other nite I was getting blasted around corners like no tomorrow (the old I'm 10 ft past the wall and still get killed :|).  Not to mention I have seen a massive influx of snipers too which I really haven't run into before on the ps3.  I keep getting thrown into blackbox and I'm the ONLY person between both teams without a sniper rifle.


    Not to mention how akimbo anything beats out rockets and AR shots to the chest and face.  So annoying but whatever.  I try to play to have fun but do well and lately it's been a struggle in both departments.  I finally got up to just over 1.1 and now I'm back to 1.019 :/  I have had a few killer games going 24-7 but then I follow it up with some major duds which take away from my good games lol.


    uugghhh. It's just not you.  Eventually I will just learn to have fun and ignore stats.  It's fun to do good but I notice I try to hard sometimes and just end up sucking.  I wish I never quit MP games years ago as it was so natural and easy for me back then lol.  Hell, I did have a ton more time then too, that's a huge difference.


    Try to have fun bud!

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    Ever since the latest "patch", a bunch of people (including myself) have suddenly had EVERY bad thing about the game thrown into their faces all at once during MP matches.


    Usually people may experience 0-2 of the things every few matches, but otherwise still come out with decent games overall. Now it's almost impossible for those same people to come out with even semi-decent games because it feels like lag is extra horrible for you and lag comp is extra good for enemies while you're constantly put into completely uneven groups with all other people with the same problem while those with the lag comp are put together...

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    I know last night I stood behind a guy doing his best statue of a guy standing holding a laptop imitation.  I had my Five Seven not barely a foot from his head and missed 5 shots in a row.  HE DIDN'T MOVE.  I don't know how I can even blame lag on that.  So instead of going for a head shot I pointed the gun at his chest and shot him in the back to take him out. 

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    The same has happened me,but since about a month ago.

    When i hit 10th i was 1.45 but then i decide to go for 15th and after the last few patches im just dropping down down down.. Im now at 1.396. I know people will think that it is not a lot.

    I just don't understand how i can be consistent all the way to 10th with 1.45 and all of a sudden drop down by nearly 6. I mean, i just haven't became a crappier player overnight.

    Whats happened?

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      I'm only half way to Prestige 5 as I had a break from MW3 from January to beginning of April. I generally only go to prestige 5 on these games. Get bored after that. My K/D was about 1.2 at end of december and like I said earlier it's about 0.91 now and still going down. Not bothered now though, I've given up on trying to get it higher.


      Soon as I get to prestige 5 it will be back on the shelf. Might go on again once more later in the year to see what new maps are like, as I'm on elite. Waiting for Lego Batman 2 and Borderlands 2. Should keep me busy for a while.

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    Likewise my KD has been in free fall for the last two weeks having been stable/very slowly increasing since the release. If it doesn't get better soon I'll be parking this permanently and I'll not be in a hurry to pick up BLOPS2 - I'll definitely be checking out what people are saying on the forums to see if it's worth it

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    I can't say it's been a blanket statement like that for me.  But there have a been a few bastards these past few days who a whole clip can't take down.I rewatched some of games and they were putting up 40-5 games but the 5's were them killing themselves so I just assume that's some form of cheating I don't know about.  It's been rampant lately how many people have figured out how to get the beat the system.

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    same with me. My kdr went from 2.0 down to 1.11. My win/loss went from 60% down to 45%