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    The predator missle promotes camping, because it shows people that if you don't stay in a building, you'll get blown up. It also is extremely frustrating getting buzzkilled by one. I changed it though, so it's less opinionated.

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    I changed predator missles, and I'll add the no launchers idea in HC. Thanks!

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    Completely agree.

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    1. STRONGLY AGREE... That stuff shouldn't have even made it past CoD 4. How it's still in the games today I'll never know.

    2. I don't know, I've never seen it as an urgent problem or something I love. I wouldn't miss snipers, maybe we just need larger maps or more 2 shot kills. Definitely need to fix quick scoping though.

    3. Agree. Rewarding deaths is just completely idiotic.
    4. Agree, spawning in mw3 is just purely chaotic.
    5. Disagree, I have always loved the predator missile. The annoying thing is when you can see one coming so you scatter from the rest of your team mates so there's a smaller chance of it aiming for you but then 2 retards follow you and you all die and he gets a triple kill -.-
    6. STRONGLY AGREE. It's the only reason I'm getting black ops 2. Without it I think I'd rather keep my money.
    7. Agree, combat training was always a good laugh. Got to test the killstreaks out with it
    8. Disagree. I like ghost and I can't fault it. As a perk it's great because it gives noobs a fighting chance against the raging killstreaks from CoD veterans. Maybe its ability could be somewhat weakened by making people choose between ghost, scavenger and sleight of hand. Then that's kind of balanced.
    9. Agree. Infected is SO much fun. Get a little too much exp from it though :/
    10. Agree. I never use tactical insertion. It's the tool of boosters. If you eliminate the tactical insertions you eliminate the boosters.


    [EDIT] Just seen that there's a new version of the list. This is what I thought about the original post. Though while the new post mentioned it...


    11. Disagree.. Grenade launchers should be eliminated from the game full stop. Nevermind just hardcore!

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    OMG stop crying!!  This wishlist its so AMATEUR!!  Pls stop posting nobb stuff like this, this clearly only in your benefit.

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    I updated it to what the community wanted. Just post some ideas and if they're good and people agree with you, I'll add them to the list. This is not opinionated whatsoever. The first one might be, but the second one isn't.

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    By the way, nice grammar/spelling

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    1. Agree

    2. I agree, but I dont think they would do that.  The snipers have to be balanced so they are not too easy to use like in MW3.

    3. I dont think that there should be deathstreaks at all.  But if you are saying no lethal ones, because we still have nonsense like Painkiller.

    4. Agreed.  The spawning system needs to be better, in MW3 it is disgusting.

    5. The predator missile is a good killstreak. It might just definitely be in the game because of the games era. It should stay the way it is, just maybe limit the amount to 2 predator missiles that can be out at a time, because a spam of them is a bit annoying.

    6.  Zombies has been confirmed and im looking forward to it.

    7. Combat training is also confirmed and they said that they have given the bots a whole new AI to make it different. I also think because of combat training there shouldn't be any dethstreaks because the whole point of deathstreaks is to help out new players and that is why combat training is there.

    8. The ghost perk should be split in half and placed in the same tier.  One should protect against UAV and the other should protect against killstreaks.

    9. I dont care for infected either way but i have heard that it will not be returning.

    10. Tactical insertions should not be in FFA and portable radars are ok if they have something to counter it, which im sure they will.

    11. Perk balance will be the most important thing in this game.  If they can get the perks right and not have one perk being completely OP in a single tier then we wont have to worry about stealth perks being a problem 

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    Check out my updated list, you might like it more.

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    What I want. Keep in mind, I am all about MP mode.

    No split screen would be nice as it causes lag but I know better.


    No last stand.


    HC Kill Confirmed (IW got THAT right).


    No tac inserts in Kill Confirmed


    No silly death streaks.


    Ricochet in S&D only. Good Hardcore players can deal with "kill teammates" situations.

    And bring back the 3 team kills and you're kicked mode.


    Practical kill streaks-nothing like the Nuke or MOAB as it encourages hide-in-a-corner style play.


    The ability to turn off the damn music.


    I have no problem with tubes, snipers, etc and see no reason to affect them.


    The revenge spawn needs serious work.


    Range should be carefully thought of regarding shotgun attachments.


    I don't personally care about the campaign-I'm sure it will be cool. Ditto Zombies.

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