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  • 80. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

       What I find interesting about the whole thing is that we have a group of players who consider themsef good players, harcore players, whatever. .................  But they complain about how IW caters to noobs, bad players etc...    

        This group of people have a tendenct to be quite vocal about how the game should be, what they need to fix, what they need to buff, what needs removed or added ...... blah blah blah ...... and usually wind up getting their way.

       If you get where i'm going with this, ..... anyhow.


        Whatever happened to just picking up a game and playing it for what it is?


        See when I hear people refer to themselves as "hardcore" gamers vs "casual" gamers and such I just have to laugh.   I've been playing video games for darn near 40 years now. I've played so many different platforms and different games that I cant even remember a third of what I have played much less list them all.


         I've probably put as many hours in gaming through the years than some of these harcore gamers have been alive and I just dont ever remember up until cod ... well not even cod, it seems around mw2 it all started ......... considering yourself good at a game if yuou even think about suggesting they make changes to it.

       What I consider a true gamer is one who can pick up any game and just play the damn thing like it was made. It doesnt mean you have to be good at it ....... just that you can make an attempt at playing the game without constantly whining and crying about how its made.


        half of the issues with the game are there because of people like this to begin with. How can I say that they shouldnt cater to one group of people but expect them to cater to me.


       So .... next time you want to complain about them catering to noobs or bad players . and then follow with " they should nerf this" or "they should remave that" ...... YOU ARE THE ROOT OF THE PROBLEM.


        Everyone talks about cod4 like it was the ultimate fps game, and how its gone downhill since then ........... coincidentally it seems that when it started going downhill in everyone's eyes is when they started listening to the community to make the game how it "should" be.


       Maybe people should just shut up and play whatever game they put out, however they put it out .......... you might find that when you just play it like its made rather than how it could be better, you'd have a whole lot more fun and enjoyment.

  • 81. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    Pipe down, old man! LMFAO!!!

  • 82. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    Nah, its not that the community has the best ides about how the game should be. It is the fact that they have to give in and cater to a few things now and then to keep you coming back for more. Its an old business strategy of throwing out the disgruntled customer a bone to chew on now and then. Does not really mean they agree with what everyone here says or wants.

  • 83. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    That will never happen, because everyone that plays this game now has entitlement minded disease where they think they are entitled to have the game play and be the way they think it should be.


    LIke you I have been playing games for 30 years, but I can remember most of them, and most of what I did in them. Never did I need to ever go to a developers forum or call them up and complain about how the game sucked or did not work the way I think it should. I played the game for the experience of the game itself and how it was meant to be played by how the developers made it. Instead ot trying to change the game in to some simplified version of what I thought it should be like, just as so many of those that come here and cry and whine about things do now.


    It is as if no one wants to play the game how it is made, they want to play the game only the way they and there egocentric entitlement mided vanity defending prideful way demands that it be played.


    No one is willing to learn or adapt or change or challenge them self or how they play anymore instead its about whining to the developers to make them change the game isntead so they do not have to learn anymore.


    I agree with you in how you said the game is how it is now because they listend to all those so called harcore gamers and so called loyal fans too much. It seems as if neither company is brave enough to stand by their product anymore in how they felt it should be played and tell players to deal with it.

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      I think about the only time lately I've seen any of them hold their ground has been with the qsing in blops........ but then they blew it imo whjen they catered to the whiners about sc. I mean if they agree there was a problem with sc, just get rid of it. But to give the kill to the guy who was too lazy or scared to finish his job . well. But I guess it did show the true character of some.

         " SC doesnt belong in this game! ........ oh , I can run away and get credit. its fine now."

    and then there was the other group:

         " The only problem I have with sc is that my teammate "steals" my kills ......... oh, you fixed that??   But but but ........... sometimes the sc user appears to kill me with his primary after he's down!!! REMOVE SC ( dont worry about fixing it . just remove it)


        IW I suppose did a little bit with the yy feature, but thats pretty small and didnt really tick off too many.


       Some of

  • 85. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    Right, because there isnt enough chaos in CoD? No deathstreaks in BO and there was always something to be paying attention to. No good player focuses on those things you listed. They react if they must, but absolutely do not

    wait for reassurance. That is a waist of time that could be used on far more effective, skill requiring tasks.

  • 86. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    Everyone just remember:


    Trialstardipshit is:


    1. Bad.

    2. A troll.

    3. Stupid.

    4. Egotistical.

    5. Has nothing better to do.


    I'd recommend you skip over his posts altogether. They are a waste of your time.


    Oh, also.. you know how he so skillfully and intelligently avoids DMH? He camps. LOL. LOL. LOL. LOL.

    I need not say.. do not take him seriously.

  • 87. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    derpityderp wrote:. No good player focuses on those things you listed.

    I'll agree with that.


      Its just that you canmt convimce them thats the way it is.


       They are all awesome players who just cant beat bad players because the bad players do something that kills them................ imagine that.


      This is one great thing about cod. You dont have to actually do anything to be good.

       You can go negative every match, or lose every match. But you are still good simply because bad players are the ones who  kill people.


       If someone else wants something in the game, its because they are bad. If you want something in the game, its because you are good.


       Its such an ego boosting game.

  • 88. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    I do not camp, I just do not run around like a fool trying to get as close to the enemy as possible every time like a foolish run-n-gunner does. I play tactfully and with greater awareness then just rushing like an idiot all the time. I play the long game where aiming matters more and takes greater skill to do than playing the short game where it requires very little skill to aim and fire at someone that is close to you.

  • 89. Re: My valid and mature argument against deathstreaks.

    Only a fool only reacts a smart player plans ahead and pays attention to everything going on and not just reacts like a moron on a andrenaline rush all the time like I guess you do. So yes there are people that do what I said, just people like you who need the constant adrenaline rush do not wish to think that this can be true. So have to complain about things making the game where you can not be a mindless headless chicken running around all the time.

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