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S.O.S. Need help!

So I've been playing MW3 for a few days in a row. I don't have a mic so I can't talk to these lv XV's.  I want to know the best set up for an assault and if the riot shield is viable.  I'm using the FAD with red dot, silenced, frag, flash, slight of hand, assasin, and (the hip shooter).  I got a riot set up as well if anyone wants to hear it just let me know i'll post it. 


I also have a big problem with people seeing me because of lag and I don't see how anyone can get 45 and 5 when i'm F(*)ing 9 and 5  WTF!!!!!  I don't see how i can be rolling around a corner and BOOM!   ....   WTF happened i'm dead and i just saw the mofo.


thanks for the help bro.