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How badly has MW3 failed on the Wii?

I enjoy the game...  I think it's better than BOPS in many ways but there has been an obvious decision on the part of Wii players to leave the game.  At this time last year you would normally see over 20,000 people online on a weekend evening around 11 pm EST.  Now, you are lucky if you see 8,000.  Since the game came out, I don't think I can recall a time where I have seen 10,000 online at once...   Causes... ?  All the early issues with the game like corrupted profiles and horrible lag shooting issues, the game destroying glitches ( xm25 ), websites run by dochenozzles that made code available to every kid that wanted to copy and paste, akimbo FMG's, map glitches that have yet to be fixed... walls in Seatown.. anyone?? 


So much potential not realized. 

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    This game was a total fail.

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    This game has not only failed on the wii, but also on every other console. Even if we were up-to-date with the other consoles patch-wise, the game would still suck. The game is a failure, its IW's last CoD game, so they made sure to make it as garbage as possible to ruin call of duty.

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    Soviet said it in the most simple way. It failed bad.

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    Why is it garbage?? I don't get the garbag-y feel or gameplay...

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    They tried to make it all action, and suit everyones playstyles, which is impossible. The failings are the matchmaking/lag comp, and small maps.  Its a bit like playing football (soccer) on a very muddy pitch, where class goes out the window and more down to luck, theyve levelled the playing field between the good and bad players, so if your decent at these games you`ll think it sucks due to all the random BS deaths you get. The noobs probably love the game.


    FWIW from what ive read, BO2 is meant to be aimed at the competitve gamers needs, what that brings us god knows, but vonderhar at least listens to feedback and knows the mistakes he made in BO, mainly second chance and panic knifing.

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    It just wasn't what i expected. I thought all the hackers would go away, but they doubled.

    I thought they wouldn't cater to the noobs, but they only catered to they noobs.

    I thought the weapons would be "balanced" but we all know they're not.

    This game just didn't turn out to what i thought it would be.

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    Hackers have doubled thanks to youtube and no patches. They catered for noobs to sell the game. If noobs got beasted every game they wouldnt play, meaning no sales, no profit, no more games. Weapon balance is impossible. Its the most balanced weapon game yet, apart from those damm fmgs, which quite simply need to lose the akimbo attachement.

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    Well... 2.1 KDR on TDM alone is decent?


    I still don't find the game "garbage-y"...sure the FMG9s are OP and it is annoying to get hosed down by them... but it's something that happened because it was my fault (imho) because the noob just ran into to me and sprayed... had I played those 3 seconds better I wouldn't have died to a noob.


    The way I see things Pros are better than Noobs... so why are noobs beating Pros?


    Personally I just don't feel its garbage... any more comments on why it's garbage? Short maps obviously mean Subs/Shotguns would rule the game... so whats so surprising about that?


    What are BS deaths?

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    Lets hope that treyarch makes a game depending on your level of skill. Not depending on how much kills you need till you have fmg's akimbo

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