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The beast needs some loving :(

Im bored to hell of the game at the moment, and trying out new guns is killing me (quite literally!!) With the r@pe squad on the decline due to half the guys quitting mw3 or the wii I need some stimulation as ive gone back to black ops and it does nothing for me.


Thought I might hook up with a clan and see how it goes. Anyone interested in an objective minded colossus with beastblood (not bitchblood) in his veins? Im the Elpresador of the WII


(incase you dont know who he is) I look like him, I play like him, I swear like him, I get angry like him, and im a winner like him. He`s the reason I started playing cod




Ive deleted 2 10th prestige profiles where I was ranked 245 and 270 on the domination leaderboards respectively, and my latest profile im prestige 3 and already upto 990 on the domination leaderboards.Only drawback is I have no mic, coz I have an adult head and a childs mic Oh and im in the UK so dont bother asking me if you only play online at like 5am UK time I can play almost any night from 8pm-1am UK time, and bits and bobs inbetween.  I have a fulltime job and 3 kids though, so mornings/afternoons arent free often.


I`ll need the clan to have good feedback as im not being associated with hackers/glitchers/fmg sprayers, and i`ll want to play with people regularly, so no 2 man clans like ID please (no offence guys). Other than that im open to offers


Let the bidding begin