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    capp00..thx for your effort in building this video, lets hope that something actually comes from it.  i too experience this nonsense quite often but lack the needed equipment and skills to make a video ..Good Work!

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    I also love the comment at the end about, 'if you are constantly owning and think youre a beast you could very well have the lag comp advantage'.  Played against one of these guys last night.  Couldnt even being to explain it to him... sigh.

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    This is an incredible example. What i think would make the biggest difference is creating a system, that holds game developers accountable for thier product as well providing a solution to the consumer to which that product does not work as "proposed".


    Clearly this issue many are dealing with is not due to poor connections, unusable or defective hardware or lack of skill and talent. It is an issue in the developement of the game and it affects a certain percentage of individuals who equally have spent $100.00 ( including elite, 50 - 70.00 without ).


    Now in the business world, those who pay for a product or service for x amount of dollars are entitled to recieve that product or service as indicated. In the gaming industry ( for COD series ) this is null and void and the company believes it has no obligation to the end user once they have recieved your money regardless of thier intention.


    I say this as nothing has been done to resolve this in terms of creating the game to be playable equally or by refunding the product or service to those who have been left with no other option then "deal with it" or stop playing.


    True, some will say then do not buy the product, these issues were not present before purchasing the product, only brought to light after the product was purchased. This may hold true for future releases of COD ( buy or do not buy based on past performance, accountability ) however right now, there is a large number of individuals affected by this and this large number paid in good faith their hard earned money.


    The past or the future, i am talking about right now. Right now this inspires me to get a collective souce of individuals working with organizations which ensure companies are accountable for thier product and service and to provide it.


    This is what will make the difference, if it is fixed or not, a third party becoming part of the solution.  Think for a moment, if COD has to refund Elite and MW3 for every user that could not play it as outlined as a product or service, we immediately would see a patch, a fix a solution. 


    This is 2012 not 1995, i do not know, no idea, we are working on it, got no clue, sorry out having lunch and just empty promises of maybe do not cut it anymore.


    A project in this fashion for the gaming industry is needed, even if it is to be 30% successful it is enough to inspire change and benefit the lives of others.


    It is the one who see's what is possible that inspires someone or something to change. I see it is possible to hold them accountable, hold them to ensure the product and or service they offer is delivered in a reasonable amount of time and if not? Pay.  We are not immune to this and niether are  Activision, however our lack of action appears it to look that way.


    Even the begining of this project in a physical form is enough. At the end of the day, it is not the idea that is important, it is how it is executed. 


    "We" are the reason Activison and other game companies exist and have become successful, equally we are also the reason if they continue to exist or not.  It is our actions that will make the difference, i have been absolutely inspired to do so, i anticipate as well many others are.


    Unless of course you all get your stuff for free.

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    Zolite wrote:


    ...Think for a moment, if COD has to refund Elite and MW3 for every user that could not play it as outlined as a product or service, we immediately would see a patch, a fix a solution...

    "What If MW3's Makers Paid Refunds?"



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    bumped for freshness

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    It's too bad they can't "reproduce this in a testing environment" so they could fix this or just prevented it in the first place. They have tried everything other than actually playing the game on any XBOX/PS3/Wii/PC on the planet on a real internet connection.

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    very insightful video

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    Well said. Two thumbs up!!

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    OP, are you sure you didnt sneak into my apartment at night and play this on my xbox?

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    Nope, i had the pleasure of playing this on my own xbox

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