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    Before anything the lag/lag comp/host frammerate needs to be the only fix at the moment when i host i don't lag because i can still kill people but the framerate drops and causes the screen to stutter and as for the matchmaking i would expect to join a 50ms room and all the players should be from the uk but no iam the only one for some reason they are from all over the world which causes more lag


    For the love of god give us a local only search and if i join a 50ms room its locked at that so players with a 150ms ping carn't join that lobby they can still join the ones who have it on default only


    People go on about all the little problems but alot of all still carnt play the game because of the host problems

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    Snipingdbag wrote:


    Lag is an issue on itself. However even offline (I did a lot of spas / model testing in private, I have a nice video showing how retarded the model is maxed out without any lag in my vault), these guns are simply too inconstant maxed out, I lvled up the spas only to realize it’s shi-t aka way too inconstant in his zone compared to fmgs, rf smgs, the striker and now ksg / usas *maxed out, do to lacking the extra pellets it had.


    I only play with shotties in good local lobbies, otherwise even the striker is a shi-t shotgun to use & hitmarker fest. Lag makes the spas and model worse than using a pistol as a primary. How fair is it that a secondary (fmgs) are much more constant while being much easier to use cqb? No, point In shotguns when good aim is not rewarded constantly. Do to being inconstant in itself with hiphire accuracy with steady aim still being more accurate than adsing.


    So here are the problems with the spas, model and aa12. (all 3 need a pellet increase too, doing good against newbs giving you two shots constantly when needed with these slow guns doesn't mean they are balanced at all).


    - Shotguns users have to deal with lag impacting their essential ohk ability cqb further

    - Lethal deathstreaks, most effective cqb, but of course it's fair to need 3 shots with a spas only to get final standed or dead man's nuked.

    - RETARDED inconstancy of maxed out spas / model in their zone easily outgunned, in good lag free lobbies

    - Ads accuracy inconstancy and the lack of headshot multipliers (headshots should at the very least be a 2 pellet kill).


    2 more pellets added (10 for the model and spas that absolutely need ohks cqb) or a 2 pellet kill (with damage) for the first 8 feet / around 2.5 meters, would fix a lot of these issues, in again good local lobbies, I’m getting 15 plus hitmarkers frequently with a maxed out spas.


    It’s not balanced, it’s not fair, it’s plain retarded. Yes, it's possible to do good with these guns, it's also possible to do good running around with pistols against certain players with a good net, doesn't mean that pistols are beasts, they are NOT. They fmgs are...


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    they've been working on lag for over 3 months now, and there has been no improvement for most people, they aren't going to fix it.  It would however be so simple to just bump the pump actions up to at least 36 damage each so i can kill people 5 feet away from me more consisently

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    @GHANDI Please tell me why I should still be playing this game. Got on tonight. First lobby, people skipping across the screen the entire game. Ridiculous. Now this doesn't happen much, but when it does, why in the hell was the host not migrated??


    Next lobby, no noticable lag. But then it happens. I run into a guy, pull the trigger of my model 1887, no hit marker. Half a second later, I'm dead. Kill cam shows me not shooting. This is a normal lobby for me.


    How can I play this game when I am at such a huge disadvantage?!


    When will this be fixed?? It's been 3 months!

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    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    Chairman Meow wrote:


    G IH A IN ID II wrote:


    Chalkhous wrote:


    Wow, you guys are useless, half of the complaints on this thread is about shotguns yet they are not thinking about buffing them because they "already" did


    Half the complaints on this forum about shotguns are from shotgun users. Not from those that have to contend with shotgun use. As I said there are no current plans to buff shotguns further. We'll continue to look at the stats of KPM per weapon and ensure everything is balanced both intra and inter class, then make decisions.






    No offence G IH A IN ID II, but if I did not use the shotguns I would not be complaining about them, I'd be happy walking all over the poor fools as they try and use these utterly pointless weapons. Not all the shotguns are that bad, the Striker, KSG and USAS are all very good/fairly useful. But the AA-12, SPAS-12 and Model 1887 are complete garbage. ESPECIALLY the Model 1887.


    I'm sorry but I think you misunderstood my point. When the shotguns were performing incorrectly due to the extended mag glitch we were receiving multiple complaints about the shotguns being OP from players on the receiving end of shotgun kills.


    Just like people are complainming here about the Akimbo machine pistols. Which we are going to adjust.





    Sorry G IH A IN ID II, but I'm going to wager that the only shotgun that was complained about in relation to the extended mag glitch, and that has ever been complained about in this game for that matter, was the Striker. And it's true, once you give that thing extra pellets and increased range, it becomes extremely overpowered. However, I doubt very, very much that you received any complaints about the SPAS-12, AA-12 or KSG-12 with extended mags. The glitch could not have of course been used on the Model 1887 as it has no attachments available. In the game today, these guns only feel useful once you unlock the damage or range proficiency, and even then they still get rediculous amounts of hitmarkers. I have even managed to get a point-blank hitmarker with the SPAS-12 w/damage and hollow points. Tell me G IH A IN ID II, how is that even possible!?

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    To G IH A IN ID II


    Can your dev team please consider patching/un-nerfing the Dragunov in this game? Because it's by far the most outclassed sniper rifle by a long shot. It's not powerful like the high power 98 damage sniper rifles (barret/as50/bolt actions), and it's recoil(which is virtually identical to its Cod4/BO brethern) is not justifiable for it's low power--in which the RSASS equals in, bu toutclasses it in everything else( RSASS has a faster reload time, draw/drop times, and 2X the ammmo, and significantly lower recoil than the Dragunov), minus movement speed.


    Compared to its COD4/BO counterparts, it has no OSOK to the chest, and can only OSOK to the head and neck(like the RSASS)--and this is only w/out silencer. No OSOK whatsoever to the silencer!


    Source to where I got my weapon stats:

    via xanga.com/denkirson

    https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AmWEaU8N7NeddHNhUlJxZ3RMd1NnVUVDNEt mYUR4SWc#gid=0



    All I'm asking, is to have MW3 Dragunov to be as powerful as it's BO variant (OSOK to the chest and up, and head and neck w/ silencer). I know that the Dragunov does 70 damage w/out silencer, and 50 w/, as well as with 1.5X multipliers to the head and neck,a nd 1.1X to the Chest. I have a suggestion on how to patch it. You can give it 2.0 multipliers to the head and neck, and 1.5 to the chest, like the Dragunov from BO)! Any other buff to the Dragunov to compete with the other sniper rifles, I don't mind.. But my priority is to simply to "unnerf" it from it's current state, and have it as strong as the COD4/BO Dragunov in power.


    I have made at least two threads to address this issue, and I also have some implied evidence to suggest that nerfing the Dragunov in this game since launch day, was not intentional... But rather was forgotten by you guys. Please read my threads below!:


    http://callofduty.com/thread/200400082?tstart=30 wii

    http://callofduty.com/message/205411471#205411471 general

    http://callofduty.com/message/205411469#205411469 360


    I own the Wii version, but it's very much identical to the HD version in weapon mechanics. I have addressed this issue to a wii Treyarch developer, but unfortunately he cannot patch it on the WIi version, without you guys doing it no the HD first and getting your permission..


    I have also tried to reach out to robert bowling a dozen times on twitter, since launch day, but not even a response!



    All the Dragunov users, and the general sniping community who use the Dragunov in COD4 and BO,  will appreciate this patch for making the Dragunov usable!


    My friend's video on saving the Dragunov(cptKoopa47 from youtube):


    Please.. consider! Thanks!

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    A few thoughts on our hated deathstreaks. Ghandi said this has been discussed and they are not going to be removed or nerfed. While this might be not satisfying to everybody there is some logic to it. Making a poll here will not chnage this because not everybody playing here is neccessarily represented in the forum and people being happy with them have no reason to visit here.


    Also everybody uses deathstreaks because they are there. I don't belive you leave juiced as a form to protest but you choose the most effective one that helps you get kills when times are hard. So I prefer DMH over Martyrdom because I can controll the detonation or might not use it when playing HC and teammates are near (before riccochet). Final Stand is not neccesarily about getting lots of kills from the ground but reviving after a certain time not getting killed.


    Also if you talk about nerfing DMH that has to go along with nerfing C4, which is the only effective explosive we have playing core. I'm sure many wouldn't want to see C4 getting nerfed so DMH will give you that same radius.


    So let's stay constructive here. Pushing things the developers will not change will get us nowhere. Think about alternatives and maybe you come up with something better they might appreciate and where they are willing to help you.

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    Sorry sir, but I believe DMH actually has a much larger blast radius than C4.


    Edit: From COD wiki: "The C4 used in Dead Man's Hand deathstreak produces a much larger explosion than a normal C4."


    (I don't know how accurate this wiki is, but from gameplay experience I definitely agree with this statement).

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    Hi Ghandi-

       I am having a horrible time playing today with the one bullet kills while hosting.  So I went ahead and started torrents and became pacman, I ate bullets.  I only did this for 2 games to try it while hosting.  Othertimes I get these type of games in SnD when I do not get host.  This is what I am talking about when noone in the lobby has four bars.  This always happens and the games are utter trash.   Even though the pics show 3 bars most of us kept dropping to 2 bars. This is common when the game chooses a host like on the bottom team, La Traviesa PR was host as was evident when they finally timed out at the end of the game.  This game needs a miracle right now to fix it. Here is a pic, sorry its large you have to double click on it.  Thanks Pete



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    Hello G IH A IN ID II,


    Today is the day my good sir.  I hope you have some good news as far as lag comp and the notes from the networking team. Not trying to put any pressure on you, but if the fix doesn't go my way this time I will be going on a very extended break from CoD.  Believe me when I say I want to love this game.  So, heres hoping you and dev team took a long hard look at the videos and gleaned some very good insight into the problem.  Basically, if the videos helped and the patch fixes it or if for whatever reason the patch doesn't work; these remaining few discussions will be the last you'll hear from me.  I can honestly live with death streaks, support kills streaks and even messed up spawns if we can get this lag comp fixed.