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HC Ricochet is a bad idea

And this is why i dislike it: (if anyone else feels as i please post why you dislike it and if you like it post why you do thank you)


  1. It's not friendly fire if you kill yourself, it's called suicide! (and we all know killing youself is a bad thing )
  2. We all have had a dumb teammate who walks/sits between you and the enemy and the poor fool has no idea they are there, and if you don't shoot through them the enemy will kill both of you
  3. And if people don't like the team then they can leave the lobby, most of the team killing is done by young kids (younger then 15) which can lead to another topic


Ricochet is why i stoped playing mw2 the 3 team kills and your out on WatW was a better idea but 3 team kills are easy to get with one poorly placed javelin so 5 -7 team kills and your out would work better and i've talked to a lot of fellow gamers who feel as i do


and the 2 playlists 1 hc and 1 HC RIC idea is another option